Most Exciting Summer Activities: Kids Special!

In summer, when your kids are out of school and eager to flip your home upside down, you must plan some enjoyable summer activities for kids to keep them occupied.

The summer months are ideal for imparting new skills, encouraging kids’ interests, and spending quality time with family. We’ve compiled a list of 11 entertaining and enjoyable summer activities for kids that they’ll love for sure. From outdoor adventures to artistic endeavours, these activities are designed to capture the spirit of summer, creating a season that children will remember for years. 

Backyard Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is a season of unending pleasure and laughter! From outdoor summer activities for kids to creative hobbies, let’s find the perfect solution to make their days special. Allow your yard to transform into a delightful playground for them!

  1. Backyard Camping
  2. Change your backyard into an exciting campsite for unforgettable memories! Enjoy some laughs under the starry sky while setting up a warm tent and starting a blazing campfire. For a perfect outdoor experience, play thrilling games, share tales, and roast something your toddler likes.

  3. Backyard Stargazing
  4. If setting up a tent and fire pit in your backyard is not an option, you may still enjoy the bright summer sky by laying down a bed sheet and stargazing. Discover the wonders of the night sky from your safety, creating magical summer activities at home. You may even get such high-end telescopes to expose your children to astronomy.

    Art Summer Activities for Kids

    The most excellent approach to fostering creativity, increasing hand-eye coordination, and sharpening cognitive abilities is through the creation of art. Therefore, don’t forget to include the following artistic efforts in your child’s summer activities:

  5. Splash Colour Balloons
  6. A thrilling splash of colour balloons may elevate summer activities at home! Arrange a colourful water balloon fight in your garden to offer excitement and happiness. Kids will love making colourful, vibrant fights, and your house will become a summertime haven. Make memories that will last a lifetime.

    For a summertime stay-at-home trip to remember, embrace the simplicity and pleasure of splash colour balloons.

  7. Paint Windows
  8. If your kids are old enough to use emulsion paint, utilise the summer vacation to enhance your house. You and your children may paint your old, fading home windows. Turn your indoor space with bright hues that capture the spirit of summer activities for kids. Help children to decorate windows with vibrant flowers, patterns, and animated figures.

    Pool Summer Activities for Kids

    Nothing beats lazing around the pool all day during the summer vacations. In summer, your kids may explore a variety of pool activities in addition to learning to swim and participate in water sports, like:

  9. Pool Obstacle Course
  10. Create memorable summer memories with the exciting pool obstacle course, perfect for summer activities for kids. It is an obstacle course done in a pool. Depending on your kid’s age, you may design a basic or challenging obstacle course in the pool. Use pool noodles, hula hoops, waste pool floats, etc., to make an obstacle course.

  11. Synchronised Swimming Routine
  12. Your children may spend the whole summer practising a synchronised swimming routine you create for them. You may have a pool party before the summer break ends and let your kids entertain everyone who comes.

Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids

Considering that your children spend the other months following a tight schedule, you should organise outdoor summertime activities to help children reconnect with the natural world.

  1. Explore Local Festivals
  2. The summer is full of festivals (like Baisakhi, Gangaur, etc.) where you may take your kids and enjoy delicious cuisine and exciting attractions. These festivals offer fun and learning, making them perfect summer activities for kids. Go online and look for small-scale local festivals that your city is hosting so you may take your kids and have a good time.

  3. Lemonade Stall
  4. Lemonade stalls are excellent fun summer activities at home that give refreshing joy to warm days. Organise a colourful booth with coolers full of tart lemonade and colourful banners. Spend time together as a family creating the ideal dish, or have a casual get-together with the neighbours.

    Miscellaneous Summer Activities for Kids

    There are many ways you can keep your kids occupied and educated during summer, like:

  5. Games Night
  6. Summer activities for kids at home might involve an exciting games night, including pure laughter and friendly competition. You can turn the living room into a gaming paradise with card decks, board games, and entertaining challenges. You and your kids will love spending summertime inside thanks to games night’s never-ending fun and opportunity to build treasured memories.

  7. Open Movie Theater
  8. Get a portable projector to watch your children’s favourite films on a large screen in your garden. Even when your children grow older, they will remember it as a fantastic summer memory. So, in the upcoming summer, activities for kids include a lineup of family-friendly films, ensuring laughter and joy for all.

  9. Paint Rocks
  10. You might gather some rocks for your kids by taking them to a nearby park. Additionally, later on, set up an art station in your living room where they may paint pebbles to resemble various animals and figures, such as a ladybird or Scooby-Doo. They can use these rocks later to play with friends.

Kids should spend their summers participating in fun and instructive activities. The summer activities for kids discussed above range from artistic endeavours to outdoor experiences and provide a season full of development and laughter. These activities align with Kangaroo Kids International School’s belief in promoting the holistic development of your kids. So, allow your kid to explore, have fun, and learn significant things with us. Contact us today for further details!