Kangaroo Kids invites little campers for a wide range of fun learning activities to make mindful memories. Hands-On Minds-On learning stimulates all the senses, allowing the child to become fully immersed in the experience and activating more parts of the brain while making connections with all their past and present learning experiences.

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Things To Explore

things to explore

Maker Space

Coming together to explore, discover, tinker, draft, draw and create

things to explore

Sensory Play

Hands, legs, fingers and toes, eyes and ears, mouth, and nose stimulate the brain with unique ideas and activities that promote learning

things to explore

Dance and Drama

Mime and move, take on roles and act it out, share thoughts and ideas and just express yourself

things to explore

Guided Play

Fun and frolic, active engagement, open-ended, with multiple choices available within a prepared environment

things to explore

Stories & Songs

Look, listen, move, imagine, and learn with our cache of carefully selected stories, rhymes and songs

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