How to maintain holistic wellness in children and parents

The word holistic means relating to or concerned with holes. The term holistic wellness resonates the same, the wellness of the whole. Holistic wellness cares for a person’s body, mind, emotions, social life, and spirit. A detrimental effect on any of the dimensions can lead to catastrophe.

How can we meet children’s wellness in all these dimensions? How can your wellness impact your child’s life? Let us indulge in these questions here.

Importance of Maintaining holistic wellness in parents and children

Parental well-being has a great effect on the life of a child. Both must have a sound mind, body, and soul to maintain harmony in life. How can you look after a toddler if you don’t have a peaceful mind? Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for parents too. You are your child’s role model. They look upon you for a great deal. Parental well-being impacts children’s wellness to a great extent.

Earlier, society prioritised academics over holistic wellness. Studies have shown that we should cater to the holistic wellness of the child. This can lay the best foundation for a healthy adult life.

Given below are some tips to ensure the holistic wellness of your child

Active Listening

Sounds so simple, right? But it needs your patience, time, and mind. Listen to your child even if they decide to share with you the slightest detail. Give them eye contact and respond with a warm smile. Let them know you are acknowledging them. This improves your child’s confidence. This practice can cater to the emotional, mental, and social health of children’s wellness.

Maintaining good physical health

Eat well to stay healthy. A balanced diet is key to your child’s growth and wellness. Try to avoid the use of junk foods in your child’s early developmental age. It can create major health issues. Engage your child. Your job and busy schedule should not be a reason for your child’s inactivity. As mentioned earlier, you are their role model. Try to stay fit together.

Cognitive development

The word cognition means the process of acquiring knowledge. A child’s cognitive development is not restricted to getting high scores. That includes the process of critical thinking, problem-solving, and adaptability. You can learn these skills through simple steps. For example, by reading, meditating, and doing puzzles. Try to engage children in these mindful activities.

Now, because digital amenities surround us, it is more important to read to them. Reading can lead to emotional communication. It can also promote critical thinking and develop language and creativity.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement means encouraging behaviour. When the behaviour is exhibited, it offers a reward. Try to encourage your child when they exhibit good behaviour. Do not ignore them when they have done a good deed. Reinforcement can improve their social skills. It also helps children’s health.

Spiritual well-being

Key features of spiritual well-being include living in the moment. Also, introspection means reflecting on the inner self. It also means connecting with others and showing love and compassion to oneself and other beings. Focus on the child’s academics and physical development. But, don’t forget to raise a mindful human at home. How can you help the child in this aspect?

Try to practice some mindful techniques along with the child. For instance, meditation, deep breathing, and nature walks. Instilling spirituality can contribute to mental wellness, identity formation, and building relationships.

Role of parents in the holistic wellness of the child

Parents play the primary role in the holistic wellness of children. Try to be with the child whenever possible and play together. Being together instills confidence and a feeling of safety in the mind of the child. Always remember your child is unique and try not to compare. Respect the child’s emotions.

Reserve some time for family outings or picnics. It can strengthen family bonding and holistic wellness. While outdoors, make sure you allow the child to explore safely. Restricting hands-on experiences can create a negative impact on the holistic wellness of the child. Unnecessary restriction and overprotection can lead to anxiety and low confidence levels. It is your responsibility as primary caregivers to create a safe environment for the holistic development

Holistic wellness of parents

When a child is born, new parents are born too. Raising the child is a struggle for the parents. It’s both emotional and physical. But, this struggle is sometimes unnoticed. Parental well-being is not talked much about. Juggling with their work life, parents sometimes fail to find a work-life balance. Societal standards and expectations remain a burden to the parents. The media influence and trying to keep up with the ‘social media babies’ add more.

Amongst these hindrances, being and staying mindful is necessary for your socio-emotional wellness. Keep in mind that social media does not always show life as it is. Comparing your child and your parenting style with others will be a big mistake. Respect the uniqueness and emotions.

While involving oneself in the children’s wellness, don’t forget yourself. Always focus on your mental, emotional, and physical health. Seek help if necessary. Try to talk about your concerns with other parents or educationists.

“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future” – John. F. Kennedy. Let us secure the future by paving a safe and sound environment for the precious gems. Children’s wellness in all five dimensions should be catered to with diligence for building better individuals and a better future. While looking after children, let us not forget the importance of parental well-being. Only a sound mind and body can make decisions.

At Kangaroo Kids International Preschool, we listen to you with compassion. We ensure a warm atmosphere for the holistic wellness of parents and children. To learn more about our education approach, contact us today!