Get your creative hats on with these 15 arts and crafts project ideas

Arts and crafts projects can be very entertaining for children and a learning process. Art and craft activities demand involvement of both the mind and the body. As a result, they play a crucial role in the overall development of children. Extend your child’s concentration and channel their imagination through some craft activities. 

How exactly can art and craft help your children?

Art and craft activities support children in a variety of ways. Let us look at some of the ways:

  • It is a great form of self-expression for the children. It helps them portray their ideas and thoughts in different forms of visual art.
  • It helps in cognitive development as children direct concentration towards making something creative.
  • It keeps children engaged away from all the digital distractions of today’s world
  • It helps them boost their confidence by completing the artwork and getting appreciated.

Let us look at 15 such artsy project ideas:

There is no limit to a child’s creativity. There are endless possibilities for how they can make art. But let us look at a few such easy craft ideas.

1. Tissue Paper Flowers:

Flowers are a favourite among all age groups. The beautiful colours and dainty petals. Who would not love it? Instead of plucking them away, what if the children could create some of their own that would never wilt? Flowers made of tissues are one of the easy craft ideas for children.

Follow the steps to create the most beautiful flowers in no time:

  1. Cut some colourful tissues into small squares
  2. Stack these cutouts one above the other
  3. Insert it through a pipe or stick from the middle
  4. Now, separate the papers and shape it like a flower

There you have the most amazing and easy tissue paper flowers.

2. Yarn friendship bands:

What can be more precious than friendship for kids? This craft helps them express their love for their friend with something handmade.

Follow the steps to make the most beautiful and special friendship bands:

  1. Take 3 strands of your favourite colour yarn.
  2. Twist one above the other until the entire strand is braided.
  3. Secure both the ends so the braids do not open
  4. You can also tie in some beads and decorative items in the band.

And there you have the most special gift to celebrate friendship.

3. Pasta Necklace:

Jewellery is for everyone. And what could be better than something made by your kids? Pasta Necklace is the perfect way to show their creativity in jewellery making. Stack uncooked pasta through a string to create a long necklace. Also, paint it with beautiful food colours to make it more vibrant. No wastage and a lot of fun activities.

4. Homemade Playdough Figurines:

Homemade Playdoughs can be safe for children with no toxins. It is fun to make figurines with just like store-bought dough. Yet, you will not need to stress over your kids playing with hazardous toxins. Knead a smooth dough with some flour, water, and food colour. Let your kid show their imagination through it.

5. Handprint Art:

Let your child play with colours for this one. Paint their tiny palms and stamp them down on a piece of paper to create the most beautiful art. This makes for one of the most fun craft ideas.

6. Shaving Cream Paint Art:

This is a fun and colourful way to create painted papers. Spread out some shaving foam on a flat tray. Drop in different colours all over the foam to create a vibrant layer. Lay a piece of paper flat on the coloured foam surface and see the design unfold.

7. Sock Puppets:

This is the easiest way to make fun puppets and decorate them. Stuff in a sock with cotton or pieces of cloth. Tie it in shape to create a head. Glue in some eyes with buttons. Let the kids show their creativity and make the most fun dolls.

8. Leaf Art:

Nature holds endless beauty in it. Combine it with a child’s creativity, and you have the best artform there. Paint some leaves with watercolour and stamp them on paper. This makes a perfect leaf pattern and forms a colourful canvas.

9. Painted Rock:

Rocks, with their unique textures, make for the perfect art piece when painted on. Let your child use colours to fill the rock the way they want. Unveil the magic of their cheerful creativity and imagination.

10. Yarn and Ring Dreamcatchers:

The idea of dreamcatchers itself is as beautiful as itself. Let your kids make the most beautiful dream catchers for their glorious dreams. Wrap colourful yarn around a metal ring and decorate it with beads, feathers, and whatnot. Let imaginations run wild while catching their dreams.

11. Bubble-wrap painting:

Spread over all the colours on the bubble wrap and stamp it on a piece of paper. This makes the most amazing bubble-like imprints, creating a colourful masterpiece.

12. Nature’s bracelet:

Wrap around a piece of tape on your kid’s hand with the adhesive side on top. Take them around nature and let them pick their favourites from around. Stick those on the adhesive side of the tape bracelet. This makes the most beautiful bracelet for your child with the goodness of mother nature.

13. Painted paper bags:

Take any paper bags that we often throw away. Let your kids revive it with their vibrant imagination. Let them paint and draw on it to create the most beautiful bags ready to be used again. What can be better when art saves a little part of the environment?

14. Fuzzy pom pom monsters:

Pompoms are fun on their own. But what happens when you glue them together and add those googly eyes? You get a more fun pompom monster to play with. This way, the kids never run out of new toys to play with.

15. Tissue Roll Binoculars:

Do not throw away the tissue rolls next time instead use another one of the easy craft ideas. Give them to your kids and ask them to glue two tubes together. Paint them, and there you have a DIY binocular to see the world in their creative way.

Art and Craft promotes creativity and imagination and develops fine motor skills in children. These ideas have a long-term effect on their creative development. Hence, we must let the children express their imagination.

At Kangaroo Kids International School, we do not teach your children only from textbooks. Here, we teach them to channel their creativity and imagination with fun activities. Contact us today for admissions!