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Kangaroo Kids has been the leading choice for all those who wish to open a preschool and playschool and nursery franchise in Hyderabad. Due to an increasing demand for Kangaroo Kids preschools, playschools and nursery schools in Hyderabad, we are expanding our franchise opportunities to all those who wish to be entrepreneurs and educators and join us in imparting world class education.

At Kangaroo Kids, we believe that if you are passionate about early education and committed to making a difference to the development of young minds, you will be able to set up a successful preschool, playschool our nursery with our premium brand and franchise.

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Our reputation as the most prestigious and trusted preschool, playschool and nursery franchise in India and Asia, has helped many of our partners in Hyderabad establish long-lasting and lucrative businesses with high returns on their investment and potential for business expansion and growth.

The high quality of education that you will impart when you open your preschools, playschool and nursery with our franchise in Hyderabad will be backed by our vast experience, our strong entrepreneurship skills, our team of experts, and the most fair business practices.

Our team of experts will be happy to assist you as you get ready to open your preschool and playschool franchise in Hyderabad.

We will guide you on how will be able to maximise returns on your investment in a quick and hassle-free manner. Our team will also offer you support on how to start and run your Kangaroo Kids preschool, playschool and nursery franchise and carry out enrolments and admissions in a smooth manner. We will also assist you with your sales and marketing activities and guide you on how to make parents in Hyderabad want to enrol their children with you.

You will also have access to our dynamic curriculum which would include comprehensive daily plans and teachers’ instruction manuals. We will also help you recruit and train teachers once you open your preschool or playschool with us as your franchise in Hyderabad.

Partner Testimonial

“Education category is very close to our family, but I decided to run with the best when it comes to taking up a franchise brand. We partnered with KKEL towards nurturing our dream into reality. At the time, Thane was a market with very well established schools in the vicinity but all were traditional and not focussed on innovation or newer ways of teaching. My key criteria was to ensure that I start a school that is different and innovative which will ensure professions / jobs of the future are within the reach of my students. The curriculum that BHIS team shared has dynamic teaching strategies and is in line with global standards, this has helped BHIS Thane bag several awards, not just for Thane but across Mumbai! And I feel it is because of this differentiated curriculum of the preschool and the school, that the brand is so strong. Today I have more than 1800+ students at Thane and shortly I’m starting a second BHIS school at Pune”

Over the years we expanded, and I finally took a step towards a cause which is very close to my heart - inclusive education. We set up a centre for children with special needs called Sanchetna, within the same campus. Being at the helm of all the three wings in Noida, each day has been a great learning experience

I strongly recommend Kangaroo Kids as the best franchise to partner with to all those who wish to be world class educators and wish to start or open a preschool and playschool in Kolkata.

I encourage all women like me who wish to get into the educational world to go ahead and open a preschool, nursery and playschool with the Kangaroo Kids’ franchise.

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