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By checking the box, I confirm readiness to invest a minimum of INR 25 lakhs and provide a 3000 sqft property for the preschool franchise and consent to all communications from Kangaroo Kids International Preschool.


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Minimum Requirements Rs.30 Lacs* Investment

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Will you manage the Preschool after taking Franchise?

Kangaroo Kids team will be involved in helping you to set up the school, once the preschool is set up, we would have a team of Key Accounts Managers who will help you in certain activities.

What will the preschool be named as?

The preschool will be under the banner of Kangaroo Kids International Preschool.

What board is the preschool affiliated to?

We have our own patented pedagogy which is unique as it’s based on neuroscience.

What will be the returns from the Kangaroo Kids International Preschool?

Based on the location the Sales Manager can suggest a ROI for that location.

How much time will be needed to set up the preschool?

Typically, it takes between 60 days to set up a preschool.

What kind of equipment you will provide?

For this, you would need to speak to our Sales Manager who could provide you with a detailed answer.

What are the enrolment seasons for preschool?

Enrolment season for preschool is on throughout the year but the fresh term typically starts in June/July.

Is the Preschool franchise fee refundable?

No, the association fees are not refundable.

What will you offer against so much of the Preschool franchise fee?

We offer a bouquet of services and our Sales Manager is the best person who could provide you with a detailed answer.

How are you different from your competitors?

It’s not something that we can explain in a few lines and will have to be showcased, once you meet our Sales Manager you will get the uniqueness of our offering.

Why do you need a 30 lacs investment for starting preschool?

The major cost is the construction/renovation of the property, a more detailed ROI on the project will be shared by our Sales Manager.

What is the maximum number of students in one class and till what class?

We have a ratio of 1:8 in each class, no of students will determine the no of teachers needed in each class.