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The Kangaroo Kids Advantage

High Yielding & Convenient

Increased Revenue

Low Risk

Be Known as an Innovator

Minimum Requirements

3000 Sq.ft of Space | 25 Lacs Investment

Ms. Lina Ashar - Founder

Inviting Business Partners

Revolutions are not born in declarations. They are born in people, with intentions. Intentions of changing the world. For one, for all, for the better.

If you are passionate about creating a revolution in the education space here is your chance to join hands with Asia's most trusted Preschool - Kangaroo Kids International Preschool.

Launch Success Stories

Preschool Excellence Program

The Kangaroo Kids Preschool Excellence Program (KKPEP) will lead your venture to assured success!

With more than 10 impactful packages at your beckoning, running a preschool successfully from day 1 has never been this easy!

Preschool Success Package

Preschool success package

Daily Running Of Preschool Made Easy!

  • Comprehensive Partner induction & training
  • Curriculum workshop
  • Events, trips, celebrations – we got you covered! Ready activity deck with step-by-step guide
  • - 6 school events

    - 9 field trip ideas

    - 5 special day plans

  • Ready to launch, how do you spread the word? 10 Marketing Support Packages

Hygiene & Safety Package

Hygiene & Safety Package

Hygiene & Safety package focuses on minimising the hazards and risks to enable the children to thrive in a healthy and safe environment.

Virtual Schooling Package

Virtual Schooling Package

Package empowering preschools to continue preschooling through a strong virtual preschooling program despite lockdown. Objective of the program is to ensure learning continues for the children despite the lockdown and to enable our children to secure not just intellectual but also physical, social & emotional wellbeing.

Super Co-ordinator Package

Super Co-ordinator Package

Manage Your Centre At The Click Of A Button

Our Coordinator Calendar makes it easy for you to schedule & plan the academic year from the curriculum & academic point of view!

  • Teaching Development Modules Schedule
  • DRM Schedule
  • Curriculum workshops schedule
  • Ongoing centre specific modules
  • Special Events and Field Trips plans
  • Performance Evaluation Process for teachers
  • Parent Induction Guide, Parent Teacher Meet Guide
  • Admission Booster Toolkit: Ready brochure (pdf, ppt); sample kit (I-KAN BOX) with CDs/videos

Super Teacher Package

Super Teacher Packagee

Bringing Out The Best In Your Teaching Staff!
High quality ongoing teacher professional training to ensure learning & development in the context of our curriculum goals

  • Comprehensive training
  • Constant observations & evaluation
  • Teacher manual: detailed deck with month-wise plans
  • Day Plans :
  • - 18 day plans per month

    - 1 month plans > 350-550 pages

  • Supporting notes: how/ when/ where to use kit equipment
  • Curriculum Highlights: curriculum overview, execution plan, assessment structure, development check-list and overall school calendar

Marketing Success Package

Marketing success package

Working With You To Grow Your Business!

  • Marketing strategy & inputs: partner-specific
  • Creatives deck: complete creative support on all collaterals
  • Guidance messaging: What to communicate & how
  • Launch ideation strategies
  • Admission booster creatives: ALL through the year
  • IMAGINE this kind of support from a marketing agency > 5lakhs

Word of Mouth Package

Word of Mouth Package

  • Reviews & ratings package
  • Testimonial booster package
  • Social media amplification package

Events Package

Events Package

Get People To Talk About Your Preschool! How to transform your preschool into a community hub (celebrations, special days and interesting parent-child

  • School Events: 6 events with theme ideas, field trips – 9 ideas, special days – 5 plans
  • Ready-to-do events list of with step-by-step advise on how to conduct event (instructions with pictoral reference)
  • Themes of events, how & when to conduct events proposed in guide
  • Admission booster events: detailed guide

Tie Ups & Alliances Package

Tie UPS & Alliances Package

  • Hospital tie up package
  • Club / gymkhana tie up package
  • Township tie up package

Get Started in 60 days

Enquiry with Kangaroo Kids

Day 1

Day 1

Enquiry with Kangaroo Kids

Meeting the Sales Representative

Day 5

Day 5

Meeting the Sales Representative

Finalizing your preschool location

Day 20

Day 20

Finalizing your preschool location

Agreement signing

Day 25

Day 25

Agreement signing

Setup of preschool & training

Day 45

Day 45

Setup of preschool & training

Launch of preschool

Day 60

Day 60

Launch of preschool

Our 360 Degree Management Support System

Pre-Launch Support

  • Site identification & evaluation
  • Legal documentation
  • Agreements
  • Market Survey guidance

Launch Support

  • Blue Book - Infrastructure Designs/Floor Plan
  • Recruitment of coordinator
  • Facilitate the marketing and admissions process
  • HR Support - Recruitment & Appraisals Retention
  • IT Support and Students Essentials

Post-Launch Support

  • Training
  • Marketing support
  • Enrolment support
  • Operational Support
  • Third Party Classes

India's Most Trusted Brand

130 +







Total students educated


  • Will you manage the school after the setup?

    • The KKEL team will be involved in helping you set up the school, once the preschool is setup we would have a team of Key Accounts Managers who will help you in certain activities.

  • What will the preschool be named as?

    • The preschool will be under the banner of Kangaroo Kids International Preschool.

  • What board is the preschool affiliated to?

    • We have our own patented pedagogy which is unique as its based on neuroscience

  • What will be the returns from the Kangaroo Kids International Preschool ?

    • Based on the location the Sales Manager can suggest a ROI for that location

  • How much time will be needed to setup the preschool?

    • Typically it takes between 60 days to setup a preschool

  • What kind of equipments you will provide?

    • For this you would need to speak to our Sales manager who could provide you with a detailed answer

  • What are the enrolment seasons for preschool?

    • Enrolment season for preschool is on throughout the year but the fresh term typically starts in June/July.

  • How much royalty and association fees do you charge?

    • For setting up a preschool you require a min of 25 lakhs and 3000 sqft built up area. Preschool royalties are 14% on total fees collected.

  • Is franchise fee refundable?

    • No the association fees are not refundable.

  • What you will offer against so much of franchise fee?

    • We offer a bouquet of services and our Sales manager is the best person who could provide you with a detailed answer.

  • How are you different from competitors?

    • Its not something that we can explain in a few lines and will have to be showcased, once your meet our Sales Manager you will get the uniqueness of our offering.

  • Why do you need 25 lacs investment for starting preschool?

    • The major cost is construction / renovation of the property, a more detailed ROI on the project will be shared by our sales manager.

  • What is the maximum number of students in one class and till what class?

    • We have ratio of 1:8 in each class, no of students will determine the no of teachers needed in each class.

  • What are the requirements for starting a preschool?

    • The basic requirements to start a Kangaroo Kids International Preschool are, an investment of 25 lakhs and ideally 3000 Sq. Ft space.

  • How much royalty and association fees do you charge?

    • For setting up a preschool you require a min of 25 lakhs and 3000 sqft built up area. Preschool royalties are 14% on total fees collected.

“Education is the unique opportunity that we share to transform the world by thinking deeply about what it is that we want our children to value.”

Are you looking for building a business which gives good returns and also creates happy toddlers by imparting pre-school education of international standards? We offer you the best preschool Franchise opportunity in India with Kangaroo Kids International Preschool. For becoming our franchisee, all you need is 3000 sq. ft. of space and an investment of just Rs.25 Lacs.

If creating a revolution in the education space is your passion, and you’re looking for taking up the franchise of an international preschool, then this is the business opportunity you’ve been looking for. We believe in taking on passionate business partners who are eager to promote quality education and look forward to building a long-term fruitful business relationship with us. We have developed a proven business model that is continuously delivering robust Return on Investment for our franchisees. As an energetic, vibrant and innovative organization, Kangaroo Kids is one of India’s faster growing chain of play schools.

Kangaroo Kids was conferred “India’s most trusted preschool education award in 2012. This was only thanks to our partners and franchises that have believed, shared and executed the vision so well. In the year 2017, Kangaroo Kids received more than 40% of the awards in the ‘Top 5 preschool ranking’ from Education World, the prestigious human development magazine.

By partnering the best international preschool franchise in India, you will get maximum support in setting up and running your play school business. During the pre-launch phase, we will provide complete assistance in identifying and evaluating the site for your preschool. All the legal documentation associated with the property will be taken care of by our legal experts, so that you have complete peace of mind. The lease or outright purchase agreements will be carefully scrutinised by our expert legal team to ensure that they are not tilted in favour of the other party. We will also conduct the entire market survey on your behalf for determining the existing and future business potential.

Being one of the fastest growing international play school / preschool franchise in India, Kangaroo Kids International Preschool teaches the best curriculum, which is created by experts after carefully accounting for the specific learning objectives for pre-schoolers.For helping toddlers experience concepts in a playful manner, the curriculum focuses on learning by doing rather than learning by rote and ensures every child’s holistic development based on development milestones and sequential learning.

Kangaroo Kids is the most fun and exciting place for toddlers to begin their life adventure. We make the transition from home to school faster and easier. At Kangaroo Kids, learning is centred around children and their personal needs. It’s crafted with passion and delivered with energy and enthusiasm. When children learn new things about the world in a playful way, the learning process becomes enjoyable, encourages discovery and sparks curiosity and creativity. We give teachers full support and freedom for suitably tailoring the child’s learning experience, backed by science and immeasurable experience. We are a mentor to help parents in parenting and a willing partner who immediately responds to feedback. Become a part of Kangaroo Kids International preschool franchise and see first-hand children develop holistically and grow in leaps and bounds.

Parents prefer sending their little toddlers to Kangaroo Kids as they know their child is absolutely safe in our hands. This gives us an edge over our competitors and play an important role in boosting your business revenue. Our teachers are professionally trained to fully implement all applicable safety measures while implementing the activity and program. We ensure that all materials used in all our educational and recreation programmes are non-toxic and fully child-friendly. When parents come to know through our marketing communication and school visit that, in addition to teaching only the ABCs, Kangaroo Kids also focuses on igniting curiosity, creativity and confidence in children who are experiencing a life outside their home for the first time. For ensuring that children flourish in their own unique way, our teachers are specially trained to pay personal attention to every child’s needs. The learning pattern of our children will be transformed only when their academic and non-academic education is created and delivered with passion. We provide regular training to our teachers for keeping them up to date with the latest teaching trends. While we do focus on providing fun to the children in every moment they spend in school, we are totally uncompromising on each child’s physical and emotional safety.

n the play school launch phase, we will share the Blue Book with your architect for finalising the infrastructure designs and floor plans as per our standards. We will initiate the process of recruiting coordinators for monitoring the admission process. We will conceptualize and execute the entire marketing plan, including ATL and BTL activities. You will receive complete support from us in the HR space, i.e. recruitment of teaching and non-teaching faculty, their appraisals and retention techniques. IT support in the form of computers, online teaching aids, interactive blackboards and software will be provided by us. We will also provide Student Essentials like Syllabus textbooks and notebooks, along with stationery required for extra-curricular activities and school uniforms. Once your international preschool is launched, our support and co-operation will only increase. This will include training of teachers, marketing support, enrolment support, operational support and conducting third party classes.

Budding entrepreneurs like you made their decision of associating with India’s foremost international play school and are now reaping the commercial and social benefits of their decision. We invite you to open our preschool franchise and become a part of our growing family and make your mark in the fast growing business category of providing quality first-time educational services to children of discerning families. All across India’s metros and smaller cities, the awareness and financial capability of giving premium quality international preschool education is growing rapidly. ntrepreneurs like you made their decision of associating with India’s foremost international play school and are now reaping the commercial and social benefits of their decision. We invite you to become a part of our growing family and make your mark in the fast growing business category of providing quality first-time educational services to children of discerning families. All across India’s metros and smaller cities, the awareness and financial capability of giving premium quality international preschool education is growing rapidly.