2020 - 21

2020 - 21

2020 - 21

Kangaroo Kids International Preschool in Pallakkad, Pattambi

Sessions: June, Grade: Year 3


From the Partner's Desk

Our mission statement: ​
“We always strive to create a stimulating environment where young children can equip themselves with knowledge and skill to face challenges in future life. Such well-groomed individuals, we believe, will significantly contribute to a positive global transformation. ”

MR. Abdul Rahiman




Parent of Nila Nithin

"Billabong High International School Pattambi is the best of its kind. The overall ambience of the school, the teachers and the staff give us a positive vibe that fills us with new energy. My daughter loves the school and enjoys all the curriculum activities she comes a cross. The special emphasis on language development is really worthwhile. Indeed, we made the right decision in process of finding the best school for our daughter. We really appreciate the system you follow"


Parent of Mohammed Rayyan

"I am extremely happy to choose Billabong High International School as my child's second home. I remember Rayyan was quiet and shy. Obviously, he underwent a transformation in a short period of time. As a result, he now knows how to socialize with his peers. Individual care, classroom cleanliness, modern play equipment create a healthy ambiance. The child-friendly atmosphere in Billabong High keeps each child in high spirit. Thanks to Billabong High International School Pattambi..."

p.of sulekha

Parent of Fathimath Sulekha

"It is the best school I ever found in Kerala. It maintains the International quality in all aspects of school education. The well- trained teachers, highly skilled staff; healthy atmosphere in addition to its award winning curriculum make the school at par with the western school. I can see it is going to be the most sought after school in Kerala. We wish Billabong High all the best."

mehand 21

Parent of Dhamin Mehad

"Billabong is a wonderful supportive and nurturing environment where children can learn and explore through play. The staff is amazing; teachers are excellent with adequate teaching skills and knowledge. They are positive and easy to communicate with. This is exactly the kind of school we were looking for our son. We wish Billabong all the very best in all its future endeavors."


Best Preschool and Play School in Pallakkad, Pattambi For Your Kids

Kangaroo Kids International Preschool, the best play school, nursery and preschool in Pattambi, Pallakad in the state of Kerala, welcomes all parents and guardians who wish to begin their children’s academic journey with world class education.

We are a part of the prestigious Kangaroo Kids’ family that is founded on the belief that children learn and grow best in an environment that nurtures and supports their personalities and development, and in the company of those who have their best interests at heart.

We have adopted this philosophy for our school in Pattambi too and have made it our mission to give your child an early learning experience that is backed by over two and half decades of the Kangaroo Kids’ philosophy through high quality educational opportunities.

We do this through the well-researched Kangaroo Kids’ curriculum that is based on neuroscience and used across the 110+ Kangaroo Kids’ preschools, play schools, and nursery schools worldwide. This curriculum is an enriched one and can enable your child to absorb concepts and build multiple intelligence in an engaging way.

The teachers at Kangaroo Kids, Pattambi have also been selected after carefully ensuring that they are qualified and sincere enough to be good mentors for your children. They are well trained to educate your child through creative play and the best and most up-to-date teaching methods. All our teachers are also capable of giving first aid and handling emergencies.

Special care has also been taken to ensure that Kangaroo Kids, Pattambi is the safest and preschool and play school for your child. We have installed security cameras and fire safety equipment on our premises. Adequate security staff is present too. You can be sure that your child will be safe with us.

Since we believe that the environment also affects a child’s growth and learning, we have made sure all our classrooms and play areas are well-maintained, colourful, attractive and learner friendly.

If you wish to visit our school in Pattambi, Palakkad, please contact the school office. Our staff will be happy to give you a tour of the school and answer any questions you might have in person.

Enquire now to know more about the procedure for admission to Kangaroo Kids’ International Preschool at Pattambi, Palakkad (Kerala).

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Billabong High International School,
Sankaramangalam, Pattambi, Palakkad, 
Kerala, India - 679 303

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