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We at Kangaroo Kids take great pleasure in inviting all those who want to be entrepreneurs and educators and wish to open a world-class preschool or playschool franchise in Bangalore, India, to be part of the Kangaroo Kids’ family.

Being one of the most reputed, trusted and fastest growing preschool and playschool brands in India and Asia, we can help you make your foray into the world of education and establish a rewarding, long-lasting and lucrative business by helping you launch your preschool and playschool franchise with our franchise in Bangalore, India’s Garden City.

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Owing to our dedication to imparting high quality education, our strong entrepreneurship skills, decades of rich experience, a strong commitment to our partners and goals, and our fair business practices, we are the most chosen partners when it comes to preschool and playschool education in Bangalore city .

We will be happy to join you and take you step-by-step on your journey as you open your preschool and playschool franchise in Bangalore, India.

We will also guide on how you will be able to generate excellent rates of return on your investment in a quick and hassle-free manner. Our successful, ever-growing and widespread network of 80 preschools and playschools in India and other countries is the best testimony of how you can stand to profit and make your business grow by opening your preschool or playschool franchise in Bangalore with us.

Our franchise opportunity has proved to be prestigious and financially lucrative for all our partners in Bangalore and we will happy to share more information about their success story with you.

Our team of experienced and committed professionals will be happy to advise you on the best possible way for you to maximise returns on your investment and earn significant amounts of profits and prestige.

By opening you preschool or playschool franchise with us, you will be always assured of support from our dedicated team on how to launch and operate your preschool and playschool in just a few months’ time, carry out enrolments and admissions in a smooth and effective manner, and assisting you in promoting and marketing your preschool and playschool so that parents in Bangalore will want to enrol with you.

We will also share our dynamic curriculum with you which would include comprehensive daily plans and teachers’ instruction manuals. We will also help you recruit and train teachers once you open your preschool or playschool with us as your franchise in Bangalore.

Partner Testimonial

My journey with Kangaroo Kids started when my kids went to Gymbaroo toddlers’ club. My sons enjoyed going there and interacting with other kids as well as doing various activities. I was really impressed with their curriculum as it was very different from the way we learnt in school.

Later when my husband and me were brainstorming as to what should we could set up in a property we owned in a housing complex, the idea of starting Kangaroo Kids came up.

We met Kangaroo Kids’ founder Ms. Lina Ashar and got very excited with her vision and wanted to be franchisees of her brand.

Doing up the preschool was an interesting activity. Specially creating a doll house concept for the toddlers club.

The whole Kangaroo Kids’ team was very supportive at every step. From helping me hire teachers to training them and buying all toys and inventory for the school, they helped all the way. I started my first Kangaroo Kids school in 2003 and then went on to start another one in 2009. My first school was rated No. 1 pre school in Mumbai and my second stood at No.7 by the Education World magazine for 2016.

I am a proud entrepreneur to be associated with a reputed brand like Kangaroo Kids!

I believe that Kangaroo Kids is the best brand to work with for all those who are considering opening a preschool and playschool franchise in Bangalore or any where else in India.

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