Letter from the Founder

“Leaders never say 'I'. They don't think 'I'.
They think 'we'; they think 'team'. The 'team' functions with responsibility and without disrespect to anyone, and each person gets the recognition and satisfaction of a job well done.'”

Ms. Lina Ashar



  • Ms Habiba

    I have met few parents in Delhi talking highly about Kangaroo Kids. Went to the school and checked out they're curriculum and made up my mind to enroll my daughter, Ayesha Khan, in Kangaroo Kids. Had to shift to mumbai but my plans were clear for choosing Kangaroo Kids over many other schools. Best suited words to explain their techniques " Learning by doing & learning by experience." By the course of two years Ayesha's confidence abilities and fluency has made me a proud Parent of Kangaroo Kids.


  • Ms Neha

    My daughter Mahika, 4 years now, had started her Kangaroo Kids journey, when she was 1 year and 10 months old. Being a working parents, we had enrolled her for the daycare and playschool at KKEL.

    It's been more than 2 years now, and the experience for both Mahika and us has been engaging, stress free and we cherish this bond. She is with safe hands and enjoys most part of her day with the teachers, Didi's and her friends.

    I would like to mention the entire staff and centre head are very much involved with the children and ensure every detail related to your child is monitored and concerns if any are addressed in timely manner. It's a home away from home for my child.

    I wish Nesco centre continues with the engagement for many more years to come. And I wish them All the best


  • Ms Jyothi Nair

    Kangaroo Kids Nesco, is a name I have a relationship with more than 4 years. I say relationship because when you handover your most precious belonging to someone else, you need to be able to trust that they will take care of them as well as you if not more and my trust has always been kept intact.

    My elder son Arjun was among the first few kids who had joined when Kangaroo kids was setup at Nesco. I have seen him develop from a toddler into a positive and loving child. So when my second child Gauri was born, I had no doubt about where she needs to be.

    The innovative syllabus and teaching methods is excellent and helps in making the child become inquisitive and alert about his or her surroundings. My children enjoy learning through different mediums audio-visuals / hands on experience. I always believe that a Parent and teacher need to work hand in hand in for the overall development of a child. I have always received that support from the KKEL teachers in either getting a timely feedback on change in my child's behaviour or getting suggestions on any confusions I face in my parenting role.

    The daycare facility is home away from home for my children where they are kept engaged through various activities and fed freshly cooked meals by the expert didi's. It is due to Love and comfort the lovely teachers and anxillary staff share with my children in the school and daycare that I dont have to keep worrying about how they are doing when I go to work.

    Thank you Kangaroo Kids for being my partner in the good upbringing of 'our' Arjun and Gauri!


Nesco Compound,
Near hall no 3,
Western Express Highway,
Goregaon East,
Mumbai - 400063

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