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Letter from the Founder

“Leaders never say 'I'. They don't think 'I'.
They think 'we'; they think 'team'. The 'team' functions with responsibility and without disrespect to anyone, and each person gets the recognition and satisfaction of a job well done.'”

Ms. Lina Ashar




Welcome to Kangaroo Kids International Preschool, Goregaon, Mumbai.  Admissions for play school and nursery are now open for the current academic year.

Our centre at Goregaon is among 12 premium centres in the city, and as an organisation we have been ranked among the best preschool organisations in India.

Having dedicated more than 25 years in the field of education and learning, we have developed a unique curriculum which is at par with preschools internationally and is exclusive to our organization. Based on neuroscience studies and research, it offers an innovative, learner-centric approach which helps to develop the cognitive, spatial and motor skills of young children.

As educators we believe that every child is special and should be allowed to grasp concepts and ideas at their own pace, while being in an invigorating and joyful environment. Our play school and nursery classrooms are bright, airy and colourful places with curated books and toys, and children can explore the world around them without the pressure of traditional rote learning.

With some of the finest teachers on board who are engaged in teaching, you can be assured that your children will understand concepts through music, art, creativity, outdoor activities and experiential exercises. Each of our teachers has been trained in the exclusive learning methodology so that every preschooler has the Kangaroo Kids edge.

Safety is always a vital concern for all parents, and hence we have always provided CCTV surveillance as well vigilant security staff .  Basic situations which require minor first-aid are attended to by our staff.

In over two and a half decades, we have established 110+ schools, which include preschools, play schools, nursery and Montessori schools, as well as middle and high schools in 4 countries (India, Muscat, Maldives and Dubai). We are now in the process of widening are horizons. Our dedicated efforts have been recognized and awarded over the years, and this has encouraged us to raise our standards even higher.

Life skills will always be more valuable than just academics, and hence we instill the values of compassion, kindness, friendship and cooperation in all our little learners, so that they will grow up to become mindful adults and global leaders with a conscience.

We would be happy to have someone from our team show you our classroom and facilities, should you choose to do so. Please call and let us know, so that we can tell you what day & time would be ideal.


Yashwant Nagar ,
Near Chamunda Tower,
Opp. Patkar College ,
Off S.V. Road Goregaon West -Mumbai 4000 62.

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