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Letter from the Founder

“Leaders never say 'I'. They don't think 'I'.
They think 'we'; they think 'team'. The 'team' functions with responsibility and without disrespect to anyone, and each person gets the recognition and satisfaction of a job well done.'”

Ms. Lina Ashar



  • Dr. Arif Mattoo

    Kangaroo kids Santoshpur you people are doing an excellent job in nurturing the Kids...My daughter had a great time and the reason to continue her with you. Special thanks to her all teachers, there is no such day when she would not mention about them at home and that is what a parent want from a play school..your way of teaching is excellent...Keep it up.

    PARENT OF Sauliha Mattoo (PSY-1)


    The school has good infrastructure and material for pre-school learning - the curriculum is very good and systematic. My son learned a lot and improved several skills here. The annual day event was very well organized and produced involving the children in a large scale show which was a delight

    PARENT OF Aarav Deoskar (PSY-2)

  • Surbhi Nisha Gyanesh

    "When I started looking for a preschool for my kid it was one of the toughest decisions to make. Loads of queries and tons of confusions coz with your kid u want everything that's the best!!! When I visited kangaroo kids Santoshpur it was my answer to all the questions. It had such a positive vibe. The Centre Head, Sayani Maam & her team were so friendly; they patiently answered all my queries & dealt with my emotions in heart touching way. The infrastructure is awesome. It has lot of space indoors as well as outdoors coz for such small kids they don't want be in the same room for more than 10-15mins. And the best part is the love & care they give to Stavya and I can see that he's growing up so amazingly. I can trust them completely & when Stavya is there I am confident that he's in safe hands. Stavya is super excited to go to school and is so happy to b there that I know I went for the best choice. As a parent I can say that before other parents take this important decision visit to Kangaroo Kids, Santoshpur is a must. U will love it!"

    Parent of Stavya Gyanesh (PSY-2)

  • Ranjana Panch

    "The first thing as a parent of a toddler came to our mind was ,will our child get that care and affection required from the school he is so young to understand the idea of being in school ..... It’s been a year now and that worry is something part of history for us now. Our child is not just learning new beats of rhythm of life but is also enjoying the learning process. The efforts of the whole team should be appreciated for this. My best wishes with entire team. Keep the spirit high keep growing..."

    PARENT OF Vrishaan Kumar (PSY-2)

  • Manamohan Panigrahi

    " Our daughter completed her first year at kangaroo kids and continuing her 2nd year. The curriculum that this school follows is absolutely amazing. She has been developing exceptional skills in early math, writing and reading preparation. The school provides the structure that children crave, the tools that help children gain skills and staff that are nurturing and protective. The instruction she receives and teachers dedication to inspiring them to learn far surpasses any expectations that we had. All the teachers are so positive and it is completely apparent how much they care for the children. We look forward to watching her continued development as she continues her pre-school years at this school... "

    PARENT OF Anukrita Panigrahi (PSY-3)


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