Curriculum - Powered By Neuroscience

The Kangaroo Kids curriculum is divided into age appropriate monthly themes. The integrated and interdisciplinary learning system, along with engaging and hands-on activities, ensures that all our children are successful learners. The methodology ensures that learning is thought provoking and empowering since it is based on the latest theories, brain research and best practices in education.

Our unique curriculum is designed with the objective to make children addicted to learning! All activities & lesson plans are tailored to scientific brain based principals making learning a fun, creative, exploratory process resulting in the release of dopamine registering all concepts in the child’s long term memory.

  • Language And Literacy Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Creative/Aesthetic Development
  • Physical Development
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Underlying Principles of KKEL Curriculum

Developmentally Appropriate

Strong emphasis on the domains of development that are designed to match the way children develop and learn providing children with opportunities to learn and practise newly acquired skills.

Theories of child development

Combination of theories by educationaries that build independent, confident and thoughtful learners - Maslow, Erik Erikson, Jean Piaget, Vygotsky, Maria Montessori, Neil Fleming, Friedrich Froebel, Reggio Emilia

Bloom’s Taxonomy

Directed to take children from a lower order of thinking involving remembering and application to a higher order of thinking involving analysis, evaluation and synthesis/ creation

Multiple Intelligences &
Learning Styles (VARK)

Focuses on involving all 8 intelligences allowing children to demonstrate their understanding of the content

Integrated, Interdisciplinary and Theme based learning

Integration of reading, math, music, movement, and interpersonal relations into a theme based curriculum.

Brain Research, Energy and Neuroscience

Influences the subconscious mind as learning is combined with fun (releasing dopamine) subconsciously building gratitude, habits of self, creative thinking etc

Integrating Technology To Reinforce Learning - iPads

iPad apps for Preschool year 1 & 2

The Assessment

At Kangaroo Kids, assessment and observation is closely associated to the curriculum goals and learning objectives (that are stated in the plans), rubrics on the worksheets and report cards. There are three steps - collecting facts by observing, analyzing and evaluating the facts and using this data for future learning.

In our curriculum, instruction and assessment is based on the multiple intelligences theory to ensure that it is fair and authentic. This also completes the teaching – learning cycle.

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Best Preschool Curriculum With International Standards

Kangaroo Kids is India’s finest preschool, not just because we follow the best practices in the field of education, but because our global experts have come up with the best preschool learning kit.

Based on the in-depth research by our global education experts, we’ve identified and curated the best practices that will get the best out of your child. And this isn’t limited to the basics of languages and numbers.

Top International Pre School Learning Kit

At Kangaroo Kids, we believe education is incomplete without teaching kindness and happiness and other such positive values. Parents prefer us because we teach their children how to be compassionate. We nurture goodness. We value happiness. We celebrate your child’s unique traits.

All of this is covered under our international preschool learning kit, that plays to your and your child’s strengths. Teaching standards have evolved manifold over the last few years, and that’s why we are constantly innovating and adopting new practices, based on the recommendations of our global team of education experts.

So if you wish for your child to be smart AND happy, Kangaroo Kids International Preschools is the place for you!