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Welcome to Kangaroo Kids International at Shaikpet, one of our 17 premium centres in this city. We invite all parents who are seeking admission to one of the best play schools and preschools in Hyderabad.

Having over 25 years of experience in the sphere of academics and building unique learning systems and methodology, our organisation has been recognised and awarded for its contribution to education. Today, there are 110 schools spread across 4 countries, viz. India, Dubai, Qatar and Maldives, with more being launched soon.

We believe in instilling strong moral values in all our students right from their initial years in kindergarten, Montessori and Nursery school, so that these same values can guide them when they are older and more mature.

Like all centres spread across India, our Shaikpet centre is a vibrant and fun learning environment for all children. Our classrooms are colourful, warm and enriching spaces where children have access to curated toys and books, which help them learn as they play.

Young children are encouraged to explore themselves and their environment through music, games, dance, sport and experiential activities. Outdoor activities are given as much weightage as indoor ones. Our innovative teaching methodology is based on neuroscience studies, and is at par with schools internationally.

As educators we understand that every child is unique, and hence allow young children to explore, learn and evolve at their own pace. All teachers across centres are trained in the unique Kangaroo Kids curriculum, so that our preschool, playschool, nursery, Montessori and kindergarten students everywhere have the KK advantage.

Understanding that safety of a child is the primary concern of all parents, our classrooms have constant CCTV surveillance and security staff from reputed agencies. First aid is provided immediately for basic situations.

Every child deserves to be accepted as he / she is - with unconditional love. We at Kangaroo Kids empower children by creating an atmosphere of acceptance for all, including those with learning challenges.

The team of Kangaroo Kids believes in laying the foundation for compassionate, mindful future citizens of the world. And it all begins in our nursery, preschool, play school and kindergarten classrooms...

We would be happy to have someone from our team show you our classroom and facilities, should you choose to do so. Please call and let us know, so that we can tell you what day & time would be ideal.


Prestige House,
1-87/12 ,
Hyderabad - 500008.

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