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As India evolves, changing socio-economic trends show that more and more households have both parents who are working 5 days a week. For young moms and dads, it is an emotionally challenging phase to wean away from their kids. Working parents in India now opt for day care centres as a way to resolve their dilemma, and are always keen to ensure that they select the best day care school for their child.

Though parents are an invaluable presence in the lives of growing children, guided learning and handholding is equally essential. This is where Day Care Centres come in.

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Daycare Center Requirement

With a young child that needs constant attention, stimulative engagement and also informal learning, day care becomes the answer for working parents who want to simultaneously pursue their career during the child raising years.

Day care centres become the bridge between the child's early years at home and preschool, play school, nursery or a Montessori school.

A well established day care provides parents of young kids, a healthy happy environment where children may have the opportunity to explore and develop their own unique individuality while helping to better prepare them for a happier adjustment into kindergarten.

We Aim At Providing

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An environment in which children feel safe, emotionally secure and have a sense of belonging.

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Daycare integrated with curriculum which is developmentally appropriate with fun learning experiences.

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Individualised schedules, routines and experiences to meet each child’s needs by qualified caregivers.

Why You Should Choose Kangaroo Kids Daycare Center nearby ?

We at Kangaroo Kids bring over 25 years of experience in the preschool space into our day care centres. The trust and goodwill that we have built over the years is based on the passion we have invested in education and evolved learning systems.

With specially trained teachers, our centres ensure that their foundation for preschool and eventually school, is well-rounded, while also being a safe and colourful environment for children to get acquainted with others of their age.

Our daycare structure creates a responsive environment for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners. Our curriculum is a blend of freedom and structure that caters to children’s unique interests.

While our Kangaroo Kids International Preschools as well as Billabong High International Schools have received accolades, awards and appreciation from parents as well as students, our day care centres are evolving and aim to be among the finest in India.