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Subtraction Calculator

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Suppose Sara has 8 mangoes. She gave away 3 mangoes to her friend. Then how many mangoes does Sara still have?

The essence of subtraction lies in determining the difference between two quantities. Kids must understand that it is important not only in mathematics but also in everyday life.

The Formula For Subtraction

To perform subtraction, let's break the formula down for your kid:

Understanding The Components

  • Minuend: This represents the starting point of the subtraction operation. For example, in the subtraction problem 8−3, the number 8 is the minuend.
  • Subtrahend: This signifies the amount that is to be taken away from the starting number. In the example 8−3, the number 3 is the subtrahend.
  • Difference: The result of the subtraction operation is known as the difference. It represents the remainder after the subtrahend has been taken away from the minuend. If you continue with the previous example, the difference would be 5. (The formula for this has been discussed below)

The Formula: Minuend−Subtrahend = Difference

Ask your toddler to perform the subtraction by taking the subtrahend away from the minuend. (This can be done through traditional arithmetic methods, such as vertical subtraction.) After this, you will get the result of the subtraction operation. (In cases where the digit in the minuend is smaller than the corresponding digit in the subtrahend, borrowing will give you the right answer.)

So, if Sara gives away 3 mangoes from the batch of 8 to her friend, only 5 mangoes will remain.

Accordingly, 8−3 = 5

How To Use The Subtraction Calculator?

A subtraction calculator simplifies the process of finding the difference between two numbers, especially for large numbers or complex calculations.

To use a subtraction calculator online, let your kid follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Start by entering the number from which you want to subtract another number (minuend).

Step 2: Next, enter the number that you wish to subtract from the minuend (Subtrahend).

Step 3: Once both numbers are entered, press the “Calculate” button.

Step 4: The subtraction calculator will instantly compute and display the difference between the two numbers.

How to Calculate Subtraction?

To calculate subtraction, take the subtrahend (the number you are taking away) from the minuend (the number you are taking it from) to find the difference.

What is Subtraction for Grade 1 students?

In grade 1, subtraction is introduced as taking away objects from a group and finding out how many are left. It starts with simple, single-digit numbers. Teachers show real examples and use counting through fingers to make the process easier.

What is Subtraction for Class 4 students?

By class 4, students learn more complex subtraction problems, including multi-digit numbers and the concept of borrowing. For example: 50-32 = 18.


An additional calculator helps you when you are dealing with large or complex sums. Here's how to use one:

Step 1: Enter the addends you want to sum.

Step 2: Hit the "Enter" button or "=" sign on your screen

The sum of all your entered numbers will be displayed on the screen. Some calculators might also offer advanced features like adding multiple numbers. You can enter more than two addends at once, and the calculator will automatically calculate the total sum.


1-How do you calculate addition ?

There are two main ways to calculate addition:
For smaller numbers, you can perform the addition in your head by visualizing the process of combining the quantities.
For bigger numbers, you can use a pen and paper to get the calculation done.
Lastly, as mentioned earlier, an additional calculator online can handle sums of any size quickly and accurately.

2- What is an addition in Grade 1 ?

In Grade 1, children are introduced to the basic concept of addition. This focuses on adding small whole numbers (typically up to 10) using concrete objects and visual representations. They learn to count and combine objects to understand the meaning of addition. Teachers may teach them addition through counting fingers.

3- What is an addition in Class 4 ?

By Class 4, students build upon their foundation by adding larger numbers, which include multi-digit whole numbers (typically 4-5 digits) and decimals. They also explore different additional strategies like regrouping and carrying over. They also get addition-related problems written as paragraphs, and they have to get the solution by understanding the question and calculating the addends correctly.