How Kids Can be Taught English through Puppetry

Learning a new language is always a very challenging task for anyone. If you are someone who is getting ready to teach a child that then here is some guide for you.

English has become an integral part of our academic or work life and thus introducing children to the language at an early age has become crucial. Although there can be many ways to improve the English speaking skills of a child, today we will learn about one of those – puppetry. Let’s understand the importance of puppetry for preschoolers.

How can puppet play help improve English speaking skills?

Puppetry is a way to open windows to a whole new world of imagination and fun for the children. It teaches the children through, scenes, actions, and dialogues while making it more interesting with puppet play. But how does puppetry help with learning English and improving speaking skills?

  1. Attention-grabbing:
  2. Puppets are always more attention-grabbing especially for children because of their colorful and creative appearance. Imagine a child seeing a puppet speak and act, and how that would excite the children even more. Thus, when something is taught through puppet play it is bound to grab the attention of children thus helping them learn faster.

  3. Striking Imagination:
  4. A talking person is something that a child sees every day, but how about a talking puppet? This is bound to work up the creative sides of any child and help them learn through their colorful imagination. When the preschoolers see a talking puppet it will make them eager to interact and create stories, practice dialogues, and whatnot. This is how they will be keener on the learning process while having fun.

  5. Learning in a fun way:
  6. Using puppet play can be entertaining while teaching the children a new language. This helps improve English speaking skills through fun interactions with the puppet. Children are more interested in taking part in the activity as puppet play makes it very exciting and creative.

In what ways can puppetry be introduced in order to teach English?

Now that you are aware of how puppetry can help teach English to preschoolers, let us look at some ways to introduce this in the learning process.

  1. Sing Along:
  2. When the puppet sings fun songs, the children will find it amusing. When they are asked to join in, they will do it wholeheartedly. This way children will not just be familiarized with English songs but also with the language. Music is one of the best ways to get people together while learning a new language and practicing the words.

  3. Dialogue Practice:
  4. Dialogues are a great way to practice conversation while making an imaginary scene in the minds of creative kids. Imagine your kids playing a role from their favorite cartoon and practicing the dialogue with a puppet. You will see them improve their speaking skills in no time.

  5. Make Conversation:
  6. When the kids are introduced to different puppets, they would want to interact. When the puppet tells them stories and asks them about themselves, the kids will be keen on answering. This helps to improve English speaking skills while effortlessly speaking to their favorite puppet characters.

  7. Play Games:
  8. Children always love to have a playing partner and what if that is a fun colorful puppet? This would make the children completely attentive to the games. Making these games more interactive and learning such as “guess the word” or “find the object” will help these children learn English more effortlessly and faster.

  9. Act out new stories:
  10. Take any English story that the children might like and enact different roles. Let the puppet play a role while the children pick different characters. This will help the children practice the words and dialogues while playing and learning with their peers and the puppets.

  11. Introduce new characters:
  12. Creating multiple different puppets with distinct personalities and voices is a great way to get the attention of the kids and keep them curious. The children would want to get to know each character, how it speaks, how it behaves, etc. Through these interactions, each puppet will help improve speaking skills as well as language knowledge.

So, now you know how effective puppet play can be to teach children English and improve their speaking skills. We have discussed some of the importance of puppetry for preschoolers and you can opt for all that to make the children’s journey of learning more fun. It is very important to make the learning process more exciting for the children so they do not lose interest in it.

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