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“Learning is at its peak when the process is happy, engaging and full of discovery”.

Give your little one the best preschool experience with Kangaroo Kids International Preschool, the best play school in India which makes learning fun and exciting, by filling the admission form right away. Admissions are open for 2018-19.

We strive to make preschool a thrilling place for children to grow and develop in leaps and bounds. Our curriculum design team combines the maxims of ‘known and concrete concepts’ and ‘unknown and abstract concepts” to create a sequentially developed curriculum which gradually increases in complexity. This allows every child to learn at their own pace and makes learning a fun activity. Incorporating the latest developments in the field of preschool education real time in the curriculum is what makes Kangaroo Kids the best kindergarten school in India. We introduced Hindi for pre-schoolers when neuroscience research in preschool education validated the importance of bilingualism.

As parents, we know that you are concerned about the safety of your child when they are out of your sight. You may rest assured that your precious child is absolutely safe in Kangaroo Kids, India’s best play school with learner-friendly classrooms. Safety and security is considered foremost, when any activity is planned for children. Our teachers are trained to fully implement all applicable safety measures when implementing the activity and program. All material used for programs and equipment are fully child-friendly and non-toxic. Please provide your details in the form here and our admission executive shall contact you within 24 hours.

We believe that education created and delivered with passion will transform the way our children learn. At Kangaroo Kids, India’s best preschool, little learners are gently trained to use all their senses for processing information and gradually learning more and more about the world. Our interactive curriculum offers ample opportunities to your loved one for experiencing concepts in a playful manner, rather than unnaturally memorise facts by rote.The curriculum at India’s best kindergarten school is created by experts after assessing the specific learning objective for pre-schoolers. To give you an example, ‘sound-symbol’ association of the learning objective for “Reading Skills” persuades the learner to identify the letters with their respective sounds.

We recognize the fact that children love activities which involves them building or doing something. Which is why we regularly organize field trips, special days and other non-academic outdoor activities, which create episodic memories in the minds of learners and gives them the best preschool experience. For ensuring maximum individual attention to each learner, we have the lowest Teacher-Child ratios, which is why parents rate us as the best play school in India. As younger children need more attention, our Teacher-Child ratio for Preschool Year 1 is 1:6. As the child advances, the ration becomes 1:8 in Preschool Year 2, and 1:12 in Preschool Year 3& 4.

Our Open Door policy lets you come and watch your child in class on the monitor screen, after obtaining prior permission from the centre coordinator. Of course, we have a child monitoring policy in place which involves observing a code of conduct when visiting the play school.