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Kangaroos Kids is India’s Most Desired Preschool Education Brand, with over 30 years of experience, and has a presence in 36+ cities & 6 countries. We have pioneered a whole new concept in learning and kick-started a movement that has transformed the face of preschool education in India.

With our iCan Learning System, Kangaroo Kids aims to prepare children to not just live but thrive in an extremely disruptive external world by harnessing their inner selves with the right skills and habits. At Kangaroo Kids, we focus on offering a high quality-learning environment to foster every child’s individuality.

Welcome to Kangaroo Kids.We are happy to invite you to one of the most loved preschool in India.We understand that parents want their children to get admission to only the best preschool. Hence our focus is on offering a high quality-learning environment for every child.

Our unique curriculum iCan Learning System helps prepare preschoolers for the external world, by harnessing their inner selves with the right skills and habits. We believe that a child's first learning experience after their home is the preschool that they attend, and hence take every effort to make this an enriching and memorable one. Visit us for a fun-filled Kangaroo Kids experience.

Centre Head

Kangaroo kids , Mira-Bhayandar (East)
Our Core Values


Developing innovative ideas and putting them into practice successfully; pioneering 'non rote' learning.



Foster an environment that respects and promotes creativity.



We put our key stakeholder, namely the child, at the center of our existence.



Pursue development of quality products and services-best in class that set benchmarks for the industry. Transparency, dignity, respect for self and others.



The best solution comes only when we work together and approach solution and methodology that imbibes our combined experience.