Virtual Preschooling

Children are continuously learning, however, enhancing that learning experience is where our expertise comes in. Kangaroo Kids International preschool has been a Pioneer of experiential learning in the education space for the last 27 years and even in the lockdown we were sure that learning would not stop for our children, Hence we decided to start virtual schooling.

Our Virtual schooling program is curated by our well trained curriculum team with the aim to enhance the learning experience of every child. Our online curriculum includes hands-on activities designed to capture our little one's interest and spark their creativity. Children between the age of 0-5 years learn and grow rapidly. Hence if their learning is interrupted their learning milestones may get delayed.

We have limited the screen time for our children to 1 hour of learning so that children are not exposed to the screen for long, at the same time they are constructively engaged. Our program includes sessions on literacy, numeracy, music, and movement. It allows a window for social interaction and reconnecting with friends. Virtual schooling gives parents a greater insight into what and how their children learn.


The objective of the new digitally-enabled learning program is to ensure that children learning continues for the children and secondly they are active not just socially but physically as well. It gives the children an opportunity to interact with their peers and teachers to ensure the bond is maintained.

Kangaroo Kids Virtual Schooling Program Highlights

Secure online classes with fun, activity-based learning

World class renowned neuroscience based curriculum to boost learning outcomes

Curriculum based learning app – Skippytech to reinforce learning post online sessions

Fun & engaging virtual classroom sessions to keep your child involved

Highly trained teaching & leadership teams

360o support: Parent, Child, Staff

  • Regular sessions with parents on daily lesson plans, preparation for specific sessions, sharing of work done by children across grades (reviews)
  • Virtual PTMs to track school progress and next steps as we entre Phase II of lockdown
  • Webinars and zoom sessions with parents on tracking physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of the family during lockdown

We have come together as an organization to continue the journey of learning for our children and ensure #LearningIsNotLockedDown

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