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Peek into the world of Kangaroo Kids, Almeida Park, Bandra West!


Glimpses of the engaging events, activities and functions at our preschool

Awards & Achievers

We believe every child is a winner!

Life @ School

We believe in nurturing and honing ‘life skills’ – early on. Discover our holistic program combining fun, learning, sports & arts!


We welcome all parents of preschoolers to Kangaroo Kids International, Alkapuri - our premium centre in Vadodara (Gujarat). Admissions for the current academic year are now open.

As an educational institution with over 25 years dedicated to the field of learning, we are ranked among the best preschools and play schools in Vadodara. Founded by Ms. Lina Ashar, our organisation has been recognised and awarded for its contribution to education and has a presence in India and abroad. Today there are more than 110 Kangaroo Kids International schools in 4 countries viz. India, Maldives, Qatar and Dubai, in 43 cities. These include preschools, play schools, nursery and Montessori schools alongside primary, middle and high schools.

The curriculum for all our preschools and play schools has been especially designed and developed by our founder and her team of educators. It has been based on neuroscience research and findings and is ranked at par with schools around the world. All the teachers in our preschool in Alkapuri, Vadodara and all across centers are trained in this innovative teaching methodology so that every child has the Kangaroo Kids edge.
Our classrooms in in Alkapuri, Vadodara are bright, colourful and welcoming spaces that make a child’s first experience of school memorable. We teach in a bias-free atmosphere where each student is welcome irrespective of their learning challenges.

Each young learner is unique and must be nurtured mindfully, by giving him / her the space and time to learn and grow at their own pace. At Kangaroo Kids preschools, instead of the traditional rote learning processes, children are engaged in music, art, creative exercises and outdoor activities in order to help develop their motor, spatial and cognitive skills. They are encouraged to explore the world around them, and taught ideas and concepts through experiential processes. The curated toys and books at our preschools make knowledge fun and sow the seeds for lifelong learning.

Before being educators, most of us are also parents. We understand that the safety and security of children is more important than anything else. To this regard, we have always installed CCTV surveillance and employed vigilant security for watching over our students in our center in Alkapuri, Vadodara and likewise for all our centers. They are equipped to handle minor situations that may require first-aid.

Like all educators, we value academic excellence but also know the importance of life skills and a strong value system. We inculcate kindness, compassion, integrity and friendship in all our little learners, so that when they grow up they will carry these with them wherever they go.

We would be happy to have someone from our team show you our classroom and facilities in Alkapuri, Vadodara, should you choose to do so. Please call and let us know, so that we can tell you what day & time would be ideal.

  • 18, Anand Nagar Bungalow, BPC Haveli road, Alkapuri, Vadodara 390007