The Difference

A particular concept may be covered at all the four levels of preschool but it increases in complexity as we go higher up. For example, for the concept of ‘Pet and Farm animals’,

Preschool year 1 children learn to name them and say the sound they make.

Preschool year 2 children name them, say the sound they make, the food they eat, the house they live in, their young ones.

Preschool year 3 children learn more about the farm, the different buildings found on the farm like the difference between an orchard and a field, the different crops grown on the farm, the family to which the animals belong, the unique or characteristic features of each animal

Preschool year 4 children move on to the ‘Animal kingdom’ as a whole, where the children learn about the evolution of the animal kingdom, the animal groups, the extinct animals, endangered animals, causes of extinction and so on.

In this way the curriculum is graded sequentially.

Open entry – Child’s basic right

At KK we believe that all children should have access to quality education. A child’s self-esteem and his ability to achieve success in various tasks is a corner stone of positive development. Thus the admission procedure at all our preschools is on first come first basis. We do not have an entrance test for the children.

In the primary, the objective of having a Competency level test is not to eliminate children but to use it as a guideline to admit the child in the appropriate class.