Fluidic Learning Methodology

Kangaroo Kids incorporates the Fluidic Learning Methodology which is a flexible method of learning that integrates the digital and physical worlds for children. It uses materials such as books, computers, tablets or white boards to teach students concepts seamlessly in either environment. Scientists know that the first five years of life are very important for building a child’s brain. Hence we focus on the child, who is just beginning to learn motor skills and how their world works, exploring various possibilities of movement. Children then use these stimulations as a way to build communication strategies. With Fluidic Learning Methodology, the what, how and when to learn remains highly flexible, and runs smoothly. It is a more adaptive way of learning through teaching that goes beyond traditional learning.

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Educational Theories

The perspectives of philosophers and educators who have influenced early childhood education are an integral part of our curriculum

They help focus on explaining how children develop and transform over the course of childhood.

Center on holistic development including from birth and into early adulthood.

Form personal values / beliefs about learning and understand strategies for promoting children’s development.