Kangaroo Kids methodology is based on latest brain research and pedagogy. It has been designed keeping in mind scientific brain based principles on how the brain learns best. The first and most important scientific principle is based on ‘fun’ or high engagement and novelty. Scientists know that the first five years of life are very important for building a child’s brain. We focus on the following,

  • Developmentally appropriate learning
  • Brain based learning
  • Bloom's taxonomy
  • Integrated – interdisciplinary & theme based curriculum
  • Multiple intelligences
  • Learning styles – tapping into our senses

KK Crafts

Educational Theories

The perspectives of philosophers and educators who have influenced early childhood education are an integral part of our curriculum

They help focus on explaining how children develop and transform over the course of childhood.

Center on holistic development including from birth and into early adulthood.

Form personal values / beliefs about learning and understand strategies for promoting children’s development.