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Letter from the Founder

“Leaders never say 'I'. They don't think 'I'.
They think 'we'; they think 'team'. The 'team' functions with responsibility and without disrespect to anyone, and each person gets the recognition and satisfaction of a job well done.'”

Ms. Lina Ashar



  • Parent of Keiyona Kulshrestha (Nursery)

    It takes immense pleasure to say that I am very happy about entire Kangaroo Kids staff and teachers. Have seen very good improvement in Keiyona’s overall well being. Teachers are very good, they handle kids very nicely and affectionately. Keiyona loves to go to school without any fear. She never says NO to school, neither scare to go.
    I have to mention about maushi in the van. I have seen great improvement in keiyona’s tiffin intake. It was everyday struggle to see her not finishing her tiffin box. A big thanks to the teachers and of course van maushi who everyday helps her to finish her box. I am in very much of peace of mind to realize that Keiyona is in safe hand.
    Last but not the least, Ratika Madam without your help, support and affection nothing would be possible. Love your dedication and love towards the kids. Thank you again!!!

  • Parent of Arnab Suthar (LKG)

    Heartfelt thanks for all the efforts and energy that you guys put in for the grooming of kids. It’s nice to see that Arnab looks forward to going to school everyday and I can see the overall development in his understanding and cognitive capabilities.
    Many thanks to Sunita Madam and Jacintha Madam for inculcating and teaching right habits.
    Last but not least A big Thanks to Ratika Madam who made us convinced that our choice of Kangaroo Kids was absolutely right and bang on. Her detailing and thorough explaination always boost our confidence level in the setup which we have entrusted for our Kid.
    Many Thanks to Whole Kangaroo Kids “FAMILY”.!!!

  • Parent of Ishan Joshi (LKG)

    First of all I would like to appreciate all the teaching staff for their sincere and excellent efforts for taking care of our kids in a beautiful manner and being so friendly with the children and treating them like your own kids. Teaching methodologies are excellent and I feel every kid of the school enjoy while learning. I really feel proud that my child is a part of Kangaroo Kids.
    Below are the few points that I can highlight specially:-
    Teacher Student ratio in each class is maintained in such a way that one teacher can pay attention to each student individually.
    Classrooms are well equipped, clean and maintained.
    All teaching staff is very friendly with child as well as parents specially I would like to appreciate Ratika Madam and Kamal Madam who are always available at the reception with a smile face and we have always found them helpful in every manner. “First impression is the last impression” – this famous say gets proved here because of them.
    Various activities organized by the school throughout the year is really awesome and meaningful by which each student can develop confidence and become energetic specially 15th August celebration, Sports day, Annual Concert theses events shows the real hard work of teaching staff as well as other supportive staff members who makes such events successful.
    During this 2 years session we have observed very positive changes in our kid like-he always feel happy to share the eatable things with his friends, behaves in a good manner with everybody and his interest towards learning has been increased.
    All the very Best!!!

  • Both me and Ragini (Parents of Lavishka Adpawar) LKG

    "would like to take this opportunity to Thank You and your entire team Kangroo Kids Pradhikaran beginning from the teachers Jasmita Ma'am and Sunita Ma'am for taking care of our daughter in grooming her and making her comfortable in the school as she is at home.I see how my child has improved with confidence. I think my child has come on leaps and bounds and i am very impressed with the teaching my child has had and would like to say a big thank you to her teacher's Sunita Ma'am & Jasmita Ma'am. It takes more than education to be a great teacher, it takes care determination and dedication to make the difference.The proverbial extra mile you go to and put in is greatly appreciated.

    I am really impressed with the teaching pattern which involves the parents as well in their Kidd's learning. The monthly curriculum which is provided gives us an idea of what's being taught in the school an the same topic is discussed within the family accordingly.
    These are the few developments that i am able to seen in Lavishka this year
    1. Social an Emotional development.
    2. Contingent development.
    3. Language development.Has shown lot of improvement in picking up English words with correct pronunciation
    4. Expects his parents and family members to converse in English
    5. Tries to become independent. Incidents like changing her clothes & wearing shoes herself, eating herself & even server food to his elders, etc. She even wants to cook at home and make sandwiches (like they are demonstrated in class)
    6. Tries to correlate his habits at home with what is being taught in school.

    Ratika Ma'am thank you, awesome, perfect, cool , composed, etc all these words would not be enough to express ourselves about you. How lucky we are to have you to guide us to take the appropriate decisions for our child. No one would be able to manage Kangaroo kids the way you do it with the smile on the face and the energy level that you have till the end of the day is unbelievable. You are the face of Kangaroo Kids Pradhikaran. Ijust wanted to put this on record to express our gratitude to her and let the school authorities know that they have a gem of a person in her. Ratika mam we really appreciate everything you have done to wipe away our child’s tears over the years. Please accept my sincere gratitude for every smile you put on Lavishka's face. I cannot thank you enough for all the happy moments our daughter shared with you throughout your time together. "

  • Renessa D’Souza Family

    Dear Kangaroo Team ,
    Firstly a hearty congratulations for completing 3 successful years of your school .I am Mrs. Christina D’souza, mother of Renessa D’souza studying in Nursery A . I am a Teacher by profession and have been teaching for since 13 years. I have worked in schools like St. Joseph’s Convent Panchgani , City Pride and St. Ursula’s High School Nigdi.
    The reason I am mentioning about my profession, is the fact that being a teacher I found it difficult to choose a school for my child. I was being very meticulous about her first school .I had visited a few schools in the vicinity but faced disappointment. A friend told me about Kangaroo Kids.
    At my 1st visit I was impressed with the ambience but mid –term admissions were full so I admitted my child in the Day-care .Renessa was looked after well by the day care teachers and the domestic staff ( Maushi’s ) It was then that I confirmed her admission for Nursery .
    Since her 1st day of school there has never been a dull or boring day at school for her . Every day she comes home with something new .We are excited to hear things from her everyday .This simply shows the tremendous efforts taken by the teachers .As a parent I have always received convincing and positive answers to our queries from Ratika Ma’am . Her smiling face in the morning gives us a warm welcome every single day. Veena Ma’am and Ruchi Ma’am have become very prominent members of our house as Renessa can never stop talking about them. Her day care teacher Deepali Ma’am and Shubhangi Maushi also have a great role to play in her life. Doshi Kaka also does his duty diligently .I have not mentioned the names of the other teachers but iam sure they are equally good. The highlight of the school are the celebrations of different festivals they really add a lot of colour to our otherwise busy lives. I would like to specially mention about the ‘Grandparents Day ‘celebration Thank you for giving them a place of importance.
    A Special mention about Aakash Sir. It is surprising to see such a young person taking up this responsibility of running a school so well. I hope and pray that Kangaroo Kids (Pradhikaran Pune) grows in leap and bounds . Thank you very much for making my daughter’s 1st school experience so special. Kangaroo Kids are Happy Kids.


    Respected Ma'am/Sir,
    Hope this message finds you very well!

    It's my Felicity that I am giving feedback for you all great teaching and non teaching KangarooKids staffs. It was two great years when KangarooKids respected Teachers playing important role to make best foundation of our children's, specially Mr Daughter Aaradhya. We as parents feel dramestic changes in Aaradhya's behavior and confidence. I thinks this is enough for every parents.

    Ratika ma'am and team:
    Ratika ma'am you were one which we meet at first time while taking Aaradhya's admission.
    -So soft spoken and smiley face person's I never seen in my life.
    -Every kids feel safe
    -Grate leadership shows best results
    -Best team with best team members
    All the respected Teachers doing there best and we as parents always thankful to you all.

    Best play school in PCMC Ravet area.
    All the activities including Independence day was awesome.
    Aaksh sir your zeel and parenting style are too good. You are good person, good son, and definitely will be a good father too. Lastly I wish to show respect to all our respected Teachers. Two lines for them.. Guru govind dou khade, kake lagu paon!
    Balihari guru aapne, govind diyo bataiye!!
    Well done, congratulations and keep doing your best! We are looking forward to continue with next year and years.


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