Everyday is crafted with passion, helping children discover and soak in new experiences.

Education that will value...

Spirituality over religion

In our schools, children learn that spirituality is the soul of all religions.

Wisdom over knowledge

We believe that wisdom comes from a grounding in sound values, ethics and the ability to apply knowledge/information appropriately.

A united world over a divided one

We help children to broaden their minds and build bridges.

We help them to understand that boundaries of race, religion and region are superficial.

Individual creative thought over rote memory

We believe in education that focuses on individuality and creativity over rote learning.

We encourage children to think out of the box as we want to raise innovators and inventors.

Aspiration over ambition

The emphasis is toward helping children to understand and build upon their own strengths rather than live out the ambitions of their parents.

We motivate children to enjoy the journey and acquire wisdom without