Partner Support Packages

The Kangaroo Kids Preschool Excellence Program (KKPEP) will lead your dream preschool to assured success!

With more than 10 impactful packages at your beckoning, running a preschool successfully from day 1 will be child’s play!

All Kangaroo Kids International Preschool franchise partners have access to these support packages that empower you to run your preschool on auto-mode.

1. Training Package

Real time training for teachers & centre heads on the virtual schooling program

2. Hygiene & Safety Package

Hygiene & Safety package focuses on minimising the hazards and risks to enable the children to thrive in a healthy and safe environment.

3. Virtual Schooling Package

Package empowering preschools to continue preschooling through a strong virtual preschooling program despite lockdown. Objective of the program is to ensure learning continues for the children despite the lockdown and to enable our children to secure not just intellectual but also physical, social & emotional wellbeing.

4. Marketing Booster packages

Booster packages are a series of packages on tie-ups with societies and townships, interesting events and workshops you can host at your centre to engage with the parent and child community.

5. Events Package

Ready- to do event list with step-by-step advice on how to conduct events.

6. Super Teacher Package

High quality ongoing teacher professional training to ensure learning & development in the context of our curriculum goals.

7. Super Coordinator Package

Coordinator package makes it easy for your centre co-ordinator to schedule & plan the academic year from the curriculum & academic point of view!

8. Launch Package

Launch package will support you on how to amplify your centre opening, to go that extra mile to ensure a super preschool launch.

9. Marketing Success Package

Marketing Package is a support package of marketing assistance provided by the Head Office along with local marketing assistance provided to partners, which will help you grow your admissions & awareness.

10. Preschool Success Package

Quick start Comprehensive Partner induction & training Curriculum workshop