2022 - 23

2022 - 23

2022 - 23

Kangaroo Kids International Preschool, TK Layout

Sessions: June, Grade: Playschool to Sr.KG


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Best Preschool and Play School in Mysore,TK Layout For Your Kids

The Kangaroo Kids family, India’s best, most recognised and prestigious name in preschool, nursery and play school education warmly welcomes all parents and guardians to Kangaroo Kids International Preschool, TK Layout, Mysore, Karnataka.

Our school at TK Layout has been ranked as one of the topmost pre schools and playschools of Mysore, and is dedicated to helping your child learn and grow, and be empowered for higher learning and an outstanding future.

The curriculum we use at our school is a technology rich one. It is based on neuroscience and is on par with ones used internationally. It is also aimed is at helping your child grasp all early learning concepts effortlessly.

The teaching staff we have hired at our TK Layout school are well qualified and trained to instil a love for learning in your child. They make use of creative play and interactive teaching methods so that your child learns in an engaging and joyful manner. They also pay close attention to your child so that they can carefully monitor his or her progress.
Our teachers are also trained in first aid and can deal with emergencies capably.
They also welcome communication with parents.

Since we understand how concerned you are about your child’s safety, we have installed CCTV cameras and fire safety equipment on our premises and hired security guards to be present at all times.

All our classrooms and play areas have also been designed to be colourful, attractive and learner friendly spaces. They contain all the requisite opportunities and facilities your child needs to learn in an engaging and enjoyable manner.

We have also deliberately maintained a low student-teacher ration in our school at TK Layout so that each child is given individual attention and can develop his or her unique skills and strengths at his or her own pace.

The staff at our TK Layout school will be happy to show you around the school, and give you any other information you may need.

Please click on the link to know more about the procedure for admission to Kangaroo Kids International Preschool at TK Layout, Mysore (Karnataka).

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#1054, New Kanthraj Urs Road,
T.K.Layout 4th stage,
Mysore 570022

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