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Best Pre School, Kindergarten for your Loving Kids in Mumbai

We at Kangaroo Kids International Preschool Parel, Mumbai welcome all parents who are seeking admission for their children in preschool, play school and nursery school. This is one of the 10 premium centres in Mumbai city.

We are an educational organisation that has spent more than 25 years dedicated to the field of education and are ranked among the best in India. Today, we have over 110 schools in India, Maldives, Dubai and Doha. These also include middle and high schools, and we feel honored that our efforts have been recognized and awarded for our contribution to the lives of children.

Being educators and parents ourselves, we understand that each child is special, and must be given the time and space to blossom at his / her own pace. The unique curriculum taught at all our schools creates an opportunity for this. Designed by our founder Ms. Lina Ashar and her team, it is based on neuroscience studies and research, and has a learner-centric approach to preschool teaching. The teachers of all our centers are trained in this curriculum so that, in the coming years, every single young learner will have the Kangaroo Kids edge.

The learning methodology applies music, art, creativity, play and experiential activities that help to develop the spatial, cognitive and motor skills of children. The innovative teaching methods, through which children can grasp ideas and concepts, have shown better results than conventional rote learning processes.

A child’s first brush with education should be filled with joy, fun and a sense of wonder. To ensure this all our classrooms are bright, airy and cheerful spaces filled with curated toys and books. Our young learners are given ample opportunities to be outdoors and spend time in Nature. By encouraging them to explore the world around them as per their natural curiosity, we sow the seeds of lifelong learning.

The safety of all children is our primary concern. All preschool play school and nursery classrooms have CCTV surveillance and vigilant staff watching over them at all times. The teaching and non-teaching staff are also taught to handle any minor situations that require basic first aid.

Life skills will always be more important than only academic achievements. We at Kangaroo kids instill the values of kindness, friendship, integrity and cooperation in our little students so that they will grow up to be mindful citizens of the nation, and global leaders in the real sense.

We would be happy to have someone from our team show you our classroom and facilities, should you choose to do so. Please call and let us know, so that we can tell you what day & time would be ideal.

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