Classroom Facilities

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Classroom 2
Classroom 3
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Classroom 6
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The classrooms are equipped with SMART Boards. The School block has Smart Classrooms’ with Cameras installed for 360 degree vigilance.

Art and Craft

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A bright, airy and inspiring room, which allows students to see the sights of a variety of media ranging from fine art, painting, drawing and craft to give expression to their creativity.

Sports Facilities

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The School has good sports facilities, which include indoor and outdoor basketball courts, table tennis facilities and a multipurpose ground. Opportunities for team games and physical training are facilitated by trained physical instructors and yoga teachers.

Play Area

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Outdoor 2
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The sand pit, slides and swings make coming to school an enjoyable experience for young children.

Practical Room

Discovery Room 2
Discovery Room 1
Discovery Room 3
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Science laboratories provide requisite hands-on experience which is the heart of science teaching. Science teachers along with the lab assistant plan various demonstrations and experiments to ignite the curiosity and inculcate a scientific temperament in the students.