Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1Do I need to take an appointment to tour the school ?
You are always welcome to drop by during our hours of operation for a visit. We recommend you call or schedule online for tour.
2Do you offer a sibling or family discount ?
We offer a sibling discount of 5% off each child’s tution for families with two or more childrens enrolled at the same time with atleast one child enrolled full-time.
3Do the children play outside everyday ?
Weather permitting , all students enjoy daily outside playtime.
4How do I know my child is safe at school ?
We employ dozens of hygienic practices and safety measures , including 24hours video surveillance employee background and fire safety measures. Click here for more information about our safety and security protocol.
5How do I enroll my child ?
You can pick up an application form from Kangaroo Kids Rashbehari or click here to enroll today.
6May I visit my child during the day ?
Of course with prior permission from the center head , we always welcome visits from parents and encourage your participation in their day whenever possible .
7How do you deal with food allergies ?
If your child has a diagnosed food allergy , do notify the school co-ordinator and the concerned class teacher will be confirmed regarding the same.
8How does kangaroo kids rashbehari discipline children ?
We believe in positive redirection and one to one problem solving to develop your child’s ability to self-regulate our teachers never embarrass or punish or with hold food or activities in order to discipline a child.
9How much is tution fee ?
Tution fees at Kangaroo Kids Rashbehari varies by age, but rest assured , our pricing is extremely competitive as we are committed to keeping high quality early care and education affordable !