At Kangaroo Kids, we have stayed committed to the goals we set during our inception. This commitment has made us one of the best preschools, play schools, kindergarten and Montessori schools in India. The main objective behind clear goal-setting, has been to encourage and support the complete development of all our young learners, and to give them opportunities to discover their unique talents and unlock their potential. Staying committed to these goals, we have successfully managed to change the teaching-learning cycle and have helped our young learners grow into thinkers, innovators, lifelong learners, leaders and problem solvers.The introduction of a holistic curriculum, has helped us oversee the development of all domains of a child - the head, the heart and the body. Our goals have helped us prepare all our learners for more rewarding and challenging futures. Through our goals, we have made learning at all our centres experiential, highly engaging, meaningful and effective. Our goals have also been able to provide our young learners with safe and supportive environments that are essential for a child’s early learning and education.

  1. To Provide Quality Education Within A Safe And Supportive Environment

  2. At Kangaroo Kids, safety is a prime concern when we plan the environment and activities. We ensure that all classrooms and play areas are safe. The school and classrooms, the equipment and materials used for the program are learner friendly.
    A colourful and bright classroom with lots of pictures and aids may be child friendly. We ensure that the equipment and toys are child- safe i.e. they do not - break easily, cut or puncture, pinch, can be swallowed, cause eye and ear injuries, cause bumps and bruises, are toxic and unclean, can be psychologically harmful.

  1. To Promote Inclusive Education

  2. “Inclusion” means that all students are entitled to equal opportunities provided by the school. Kangaroo Kids supports INCLUSION as a practice of providing “special support” to a child with “special needs” in the regular classroom. It is enforced at the time of admission and later in the classroom. We cater to both the ends of the spectrum – gifted and the ones with special needs. We believe that all children have the right to quality education and our doors are open to students with special needs, and learning disabilities.

  3. To Facilitate Experiential Learning

  4. Children are born explorers. Even as infants, they come to us with all the necessary equipment to be great discoverers: inquisitive eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, lips, ears, fingers, and toes. This is how they learn about themselves and their world. At KK it is our duty to keep this natural curiosity awake by providing hands on activities, for example – while conducting an activity for understanding the concept of ‘Sink and Float’, a child may discover that the wooden block floats but the coin sinks to the bottom.

  5. To Foster Self-Esteem Through Relationships With Adults Who Express Acceptance And Respect For All Children

  6. An active and concerned teaching and learning community that encourages the growth of the whole child- an environment that provides students with many opportunities.

  7. To Sustain And Improve The Quality Of Learning & Teaching

  8. Our carefully selected early childhood educators implement a refined curriculum designed by a team of professionals at the Head Office that constantly reviews and updates the curriculum in tune with the latest in Child Development Research. The latest developments around the world and innovative teaching practices are incorporated in the plans to make them dynamic and interesting. The Teaching Development team observes classrooms, evaluate the teaching and learning cycle by providing feedback and conducting Professional Development sessions.

  9. To Encourage The Perception Of Learning As Exciting, Ongoing & Lifelong

  10. Learning is never boring at KK. The curriculum is relevant and relates to the day-to-day life of a child. Our children extend learning beyond classroom which is true education. For example, if the children are doing a concept of healthy foods and junk foods, they are the ones telling their parents that junk food is bad for you and that we should only eat healthy food.

  11. To Develop High Level Of Competencies, Knowledge And Creative Problem Solving Skills

  12. The activities planned for the various levels aim at developing competencies and skills by focusing on the process rather than the end result. For example, if a child is given Lego blocks to play with, he is given the freedom to make whatever he desires, like a tall tower. Through the process of building the tower the skill developed is eye hand coordination and he may also discover that if he wants to build a very tall tower he needs to have a strong / broad base. Hence through the activity he has learned to solve his problem.

  13. To Create A Purpose For Learning

  14. Children are our ‘raison d’être’. That being the case the policies and principles governing Kangaroo Kids are dictated by what is in the best interest of the child. We believe that all children should have the opportunity to experience the joy of discovery and develop a love for learning.

  15. To Allow Children To Be Thinkers, Innovators And Problem Solvers

  16. We believe in education that focuses on individuality and creativity over mechanical preciseness. We seek to nurture the source over the result. Encouraging children to think out of the box, we want to raise innovators and inventors.

  17. To Create a Dynamic, Caring, Teaching And Learning Community That Values The ‘WHOLE CHILD’

  18. An active and concerned teaching and learning community that encourages the growth of the whole child- an environment that provides students with many opportunities.

The Learning Environment

The environment at school is warm and supportive. Children do not feel threatened or have any fear of ridicule. There is no discrimination or bias in any form. Children feel free to express themselves in a non-threatening environment.

Children are not discriminated in any way for e.g. on the basis of their linguistic, economic, regional basis etc.

Kangaroo Kids creates learning environments that accommodates all individual learners providing them with opportunities to maximize their inherent potential in turn preparing them for tomorrow's world. Thus changing the mental model institutions have of schooling, education and learning. An environment that allows every student to discover, explore and hone his/ her talents. Our hope is that as each individual discovers their latent strengths they will learn to use these strengths for the good of the school and subsequently the community at large.

Education Is A Right And Not A Privilege

At Kangaroo Kids, we do not believe in having any type of admission tests during enrolments and admissions. We believe education is a right and not a privilege and that children must have access to the highest quality education in a stress-free manner. These include children with special needs, underprivileged children and children with learning disabilities.

With the help of qualified counsellors, we aim at effectively including these children in our classrooms. We have evidence to show how inclusive education implicitly helps in building empathy in all our children when they learn to accept diversity at a young age.

The number of special children in a class and parameters are defined by our Inclusion policy. This fair, just and unbiased attitude of ours has also made us one of the sought after preschool, play school, kindergarten and Montessori Schools in India

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