Events 2019

Children's Day Activities like puppet show, shadow play, tattoo painting, musical ring game and music & movement was curated for the kiddos on 14th November, 2019.

"Show me 5" day for PSY 2 on 13th November, 2019.

Halloween Theme Party was organised on 31st October, 2019 where the kids were acquainted with the reason behind this celebration

and different games and ramp walk kept the children engaged

Supermarket was created for the kids of PSY 1 and PSY 2

23rd October, 2019

Visit to supermarket - Reliance Fresh

PSY 2 on 19-10-2019.

Field trip to supermarket - Reliance Fresh

PSY 1 on 18-10-2019.

Visit to Central Park

PSY 2 on 23-09-2019

Spectacular Spider Day

PSY 2 ; Sep 2019

Farm to Kitchen day

celebrated on 30-08-2019

Sun Surf and Sand Day

22-07-2019 for PSY 1 and PSY 2

Pool Day

was celebrated on 16-07-2019 for both PSY 1 and PSY 2.

Ben and the Bear Puppet show 12-07-2019