Co-Existing with COVID19

Know more about how Kangaroo Kids International Preschool
is ensuring learning continues despite the lockdown

Virtual Preschooling Programme

It seems we will continue to Coexist with COVID for a while now, while your little one can stay away from the pre-school care, but we want to ensure that learning for them should not stop. The objective of the new digitally-enabled learning program is to ensure that children learning continues for the children and secondly they are active not just socially but physically as well. It gives the children an opportunity to interact with their peers and teachers to ensure the bond is maintained.

Your favourite Pre-School will go live on 8th June 2020.

Learn Anytime, Anywhere.

Engagement Videos

Engagement Videos

Digital Books

Digital Books

Recorded Daily

Recorded Daily Curriculum

Fun Activity Sessions

Fun Activity Sessions

Live class rooms

Live class rooms

Kangaroo Kids Virtual Preschooling Program Highlights

Secure online classes with fun, activity-based learning

World class renowned neuroscience based curriculum to boost learning outcomes

Curriculum based learning app – Skippytech to reinforce learning post online sessions

Fun & engaging virtual classroom sessions to keep your child involved

Highly trained teaching & leadership teams


Try praising your child or teenager for something they have done well. They may not show it, but you'll see them doing that good thing again. It will also reassure them that you notice and care.


Talking about COVID-19

Be willing to talk.

They will already have heard something. Silence and secrets do not protect our children. Honestly and openness do. Think about how much they will understand. You know them best.



Children or teenagers can help plan the routine for the day - like making a school timetable. Children will follow this better if they help to make it.

Include exercise in each day - this helps with stress and kids with lots of energy at home.


Catch bad behaviour early and redirect your kid's attention from a bad to a good behaviour. Stop it before it starts! When they start to get restless, you can distract with something interesting or fun: "Come, let's play a game together."


It can be for just 20 minutes, or longer - it's up to us. It can be at the same time each day so children or teenagers can look forward to it.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faq's)

  • When will the pre-school re-open after the lockdown?

    • We are closely following the Government mandates and will adhere to the rules and guidelines of strict hygiene and distancing set by the government for the pre-schools in due course. When a confirmed date for school reopening is set, all parents will be informed of the same.

  • Will the Pre-school function as normal after the COVID-19 lockdown?

    • Our pre-schools are ready with a plan of action for the post-lockdown phase. We have strict protocols of safety and hygiene in place that will be followed across all centres. Sanitisation and disinfection of the School Facilities, Transport Facilities and external and internal sports facilities will be taken on top priority. Periodic cleaning will continue during the session to maintain a hygienic and clean space for all children.

  • Will the school continue with online schooling?

    • Yes, Kangaroo Kids is launching a Virtual School Program starting on 8th June! For more details, please reach out to us on 1800 229 602.

  • Can we apply for admission while the schools are closed due to COVID-19?

    • Yes, of course admissions to our Pre- Schools for all programs are currently open. To enroll online, kindly access this link: or you can also call us for assistance on Visit our social media handles and witness feedback from parent and child community on our virtual preschooling program! 1800 229 602

  • While the Pre-School is closed how can I help my child to continue learning?

  • What is the routine cleaning plan that will be followed at the pre-schools? Post the lockdown, how frequently would the school facilities be cleaned to reduce/prevent the potential spread of COVID-19?

    • To ensure a safe and clean environment at our schools post the lockdown, we will follow all the safety protocols as laid out by the authorities. The following will be covered under the same: We should add that in addition to protocols laid down by relevant authorities we are also studying the various re opening protocols from across the globe to bring in the best practices to our network.

      • We will set up a monitoring and redressal cell to address health advisory guidelines.

      • Our schools will be sanitized and deep cleaned regularly.

      • We will conduct regular health check-ups on-campus and have temperature scanners at the entrance.

      • We will provide health education to all students & implement strict social distancing at all times.

      • Each of our personnel will be strictly wearing masks at all times.

  • Will outdoor play area and equipment and toys be put through sanitization and cleaning processes once the pre-schools

    • Yes, a structured program for sanitizing the outdoor play area and inside the centre is already laid out, we will be ensuring after and before every session we will undertake sanitization of the facilities, equipment and students using the equipment. Further detailed Pre-school resumption protocols will be shared with the centres and the parents once the pre-schools are opened.