Toddler Club

10 months – 1.5years

3 Days a Week

1 hour 15 minutes

Toddler Programme

1.6 years – 1.11 years

5 Days a Week

1 hour 30 minutes

Toddler Transition Programme

Programmes For Toddlers

The Kangaroo Kids’ Club offers the best ‘parent and guardian accompanied’ programmes for toddlers across India, to help strengthen the parent-child and family-child relationship, and to also help prepare toddlers for preschool, playschool, nursery, kindergarten and Montessori school.

Through the Kangaroo Kids’ Club programmes, children enjoy creative, interactive, fun and engaging sensory driven experiences in all our centres in India. These experiences help toddlers build their senses, develop fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination, imaginative thinking and many other important skills.

Kangaroo Kids Club

Our programmes also strengthen valuable relationships and introduce toddlers to age appropriate concepts.

Parents get the opportunity to bond with their children through meaningful play. They will also be able to experience and witness the early learning journey their child is embarking on. Parents are also be able to interact with other parents who have children of the same age and discuss child-raising issues with our experts.

Children in all our Toddler Programmes are to be mandatorily accompanied by a parent, who will be an active participant during all the Club activities and sessions.

In case of our Toddler Transition Programmes, children may be accompanied by an adult who will only guide them and support them when they exhibit challenges or difficulties while performing a task.

At Kangaroo Kids’ Clubs, all experts are well-qualified early childhood professionals who have been trained extensively to guide families and children bond with each other through fun, imaginative, colourful and exciting activities and through joyful experiences such as age appropriate storytelling, songs, music, creative play, arts and crafts in an engaging manner and in safe and hygienic environment.

All Kangaroo Kids’ Club activities are designed to help toddlers grow confident.

Toddlers and their parents enjoy returning to the class and interacting with experts who lead them on newer journeys that build from the previous sessions’ discoveries and activities.

Toddlers are constantly introduced to new possibilities which help them develop their thinking skills through a stimulating and playful environment . They have the freedom to play, watch, wonder and explore with joy in a stimulating environment that supports their development. All Club activities help nurture early learning in a safe, joyful and secure environment

Our Club activities throughout India will all children enjoyable sensory journeys through sight, touch, sound, scent and even taste experiences. Our Club activities thus, safely prepare a toddlers’ transition to preschool, play school, nursery, kindergarten and Montessori school in the best possible and emotionally stress-free manner.