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Best Preschool and Play School in Chennai, Velachery For Your Kids

Kangaroo Kids, India’s best and most trusted preschool and play school, welcomes you to apply for your child’s admission to the Kangaroo Kids International  Preshool in Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Our preschool and play school in Velachery is truly world class and is recognised as one of Chennai’s most prestigious preschool, playschool  & Montessori schools for early learning and education.

At Kangaroo Kids International Preschool, Velachery, we are committed to your child’s growth and development, and strive towards being a stepping stone for his or her higher education and bright future.

We do this through an enriched curriculum that is on par with international ones and through action based creative learning in a fun- filled environment.

The teaching staff at our Velachery preschool and play school are qualified and experienced. They use the best and most modern methods of teaching to make your child’s early education experience creative, innovative, interactive and stress-free.  They are also adept at handling child-related emergencies .

Our school is located at a very convenient location in Velachery. We have taken care to ensure that the highest possible standards of safety are available at our preschool so your child is safe on our premises.

Our classrooms and play areas are attractive, learner friendly and hygienic and make the time your child spends in school relaxing and joyful.

We have also maintained a low student-teacher ratio so that each child in our school is monitored carefully, and for our teachers to give them individual attention while helping them develop their unique skills and strengths.

Please click on the link to know more about the procedure for admission to Kangaroo Kids’ International Preschool at Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

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12, Kalki Nagar,
12, Kalki Nagar,
AGS Colony,
Chennai - 600042

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