Kangaroo Kids International Preschool has been around for the last 27years, it is a premium preschool brand that works towards making their primary learners the main focus. Kangaroo Kids International preschool has a set of curriculum developers that create a curriculum based on the principals of neuroscience and energy science, making learning fun and engaging. As an organization Kangaroo Kids International Preschool is very selective in selecting the right partners as they want to keep their ethos alive.


Preschools were considered to be part of the unorganized section of education as years ago, not a lot of importance was given to preschool. However, over the last 2 decades we have seen immense growth in the preschool sector in India - attributed to double income families, well travelled and educated parents who understand the importance of early childhood education and the impact quality preschooling has, on the minds of toddlers in their overall development. Several studies have shown the importance of preschool as they help in laying the right foundation and prepare children better for primary school. With these two factors playing an important role a lot of individuals and organizations started preschools and these have grown into networks of preschools across the country - either individual/family owned preschools or organizations that started offering the 'preschool franchise' opportunity.


Let Us Raise Our Children To Be Happy

The happiness quotient

When I ask parents what they want for their children, I hear many things that range from a 'good' career to abstract notions of success but I rarely ever hear the word 'happiness'.

Young children are always learning. They pick up from people around them, they learn from what they see on TV, they learn from books and games they are introduced to. So parents be very mindful of how you behave around your children, be careful with what you are watching, or allow them to watch and take time out to look for toys that stimulate all their senses and boost overall development in your child.

Education has always been about marks and how much a child has scored. No one has bothered to understand what was taught. The agenda has always been to complete the portion for the term and make sure their children did well.

Preschools have never been given the importance they deserve. A lot of parents wonder how is preschool going to help my child? They are too young to learn... Does a child even learn in the early years? Till a few years ago, children were sent to preschool only because it was compulsory. We are going to share with you some facts on early child development and how a preschool helps in child development.


Years back children were sent to a preschool only if both parents were working and there was no one to take care of them. Most of the time children would stay with their grandparents or other elders in their house.