"Education is not preparation for life; it is life itself."

Every parent dreams of giving the very best to their child and securing a bright future for them. Especially when it comes to education, which sets the very foundation of life. And what better day than November 14th - Children's Day to spark greatness in your little one and ensure that they always stay one step ahead in life.

At Kangaroo Kids International Preschool, we celebrate their unique gifts and novel outlook towards life every day. Which is why, we offer a unique curriculum that nurtures your child's innate gifts in order to maximise their inherent potential. Our path breaking iCan Learning System is built with learning statements that are measurable, visible and graded so that each child can learn and develop using their individual strengths and personality traits. In a nutshell, it enables flexibility with pace and choice, thereby allowing the learners to enjoy the process of learning.

Our Fluidic Learning Methodology ensures that the 'what, how and when to learn' process remains highly flexible, and runs smoothly between the digital and physical worlds. It facilitates the seamless coming together of what has to be learned (competences), the learning stimulations (multiple resources), facilitator and the learner's needs, attitude and inert personality.

The methodology finds expression in a variety of materials, media and medium. Right from open resources like paints, paper, pencils, leaves, pebbles, magnifying glasses, water, counters, cloth materials, magnets to closed resources like toys, equipment, board games to the audio-visual media, apps, augmented reality, virtual reality, books etc. So that your little one moves and works with a variety of materials, using these stimulations to build their own communication strategies.

So, this Children's Day, if you're looking for a new age, high quality learning environment that fosters your child's individuality while giving them an added edge in life, look no further than our Kangaroo Kids International Preschool. Let them learn, thrive, grow with our iCan Learning System.

Here's wishing you a very Happy Children's Day!