Years back children were sent to a preschool only if both parents were working and there was no one to take care of them. Most of the time children would stay with their grandparents or other elders in their house.

Today however the demand for playschools has gone up because of two reasons. one of the major reasons is because parents now stay in nuclear families with both parents working and the second reason is because parents now understand the importance of sending the child to a playschool as Brain research proves that 0-6 years is the span when children make most number of synaptic connections.

If spending time with children and educating them is your passion investing in a playschool is a good idea. Here are a few points you need to consider while staring your own playschool:

  1. Passion to make a Difference in Every Child's Life: this is the most important point. You really need to have the passion to make a difference in every child's life. Only then will your playschool stand out from the ones around you.
  2. Standalone VS Organised Brand: you can opt to start a standalone play school or choose to partner with a organised brand that offers a franchise option. Since you are new to the business, it is advisable to partner with an organised brand as you will get all the assistance you need.
  3. Mass Brand VS Premium Brand: If partnering with a organised brand is the option you selected, then comes the selection of which brand you should partner with. Partnering with a premium brand is advisable as it has a unique selling proposition and it also benefits the child.
  4. Location of the Playschool: parents prefer to pick a preschool that is in the vicinity. They will mostly look at playschools around 3-4 kms from their residence.
  5. Strong Word of Mouth: the selection of a playschool is influenced by reviews of friends and family. It is important to build a positive word of mouth to run a successful playschool
  6. Personal Touch: parents feel confident and secured if they see a constant face, also when you are personally involved you can make sure all set standards are being met.
  7. Infrastructure: a good playschool needs to have an outdoor as well as an indoor play area to facilitate the right kind of learning with the best facilities. An experiential classroom makes learning faster and long lasting.
  8. Science Embedded Curriculum: It is said that children make the maximum number of synaptic connections from the age of 0-6 years. Hence a good playschool is a stepping stone to the future learning grounds. A curriculum that is designed around the learner is crucial too.
  9. Incorporate Technology in the Curriculum: Today's children a born with technology. They know exactly where to go to hear their favourite nursery rhyme. Hence, using technology to teach them concept they learn is school is the next big thing.
  10. Safety: while making sure children get a safe physical environment with respect to the design of the playschool, mental safety is important too. Teachers need to go through continuous training to learn how to handle children.
  11. After school activities and a day-care facility: Adding interesting after school activity and day care will encourage footfalls from outside and make parents aware about a playschool in the vicinity and it will also help increase the revenue.

While running a playschool brings in a lot of responsibility as you are dealing with young minds and their future depends on the experiences the school will provide. Running a playschool is a lot of hands on work and there cannot be a perfect guide on what should be done. We learn when we dirty our hands on the ground. The points shared above are some of the essential point