Young children are always learning and curious about their surroundings. They pick up from people around them, they learn from what they see on television, smart phones, books and games they are introduced to.

Why preschool kids need toys?

It's Important for Your Children to Develop an Interest in Healthy and Active Living Every child needs a strong foundation to start learning the ways of life. Play and physical activity provide a great outlet for your child to learn about their bodies and how to use them. With educational toys, they can interact with the toy while they learn to walk, run, jump and jump rope. With many toy options these days, they will learn about the motor skills necessary for them to play, learn about construction and function, robotics, and so much more.

What toy is best for a pre-schooler?

There are certain toys which are best for a pre-schooler as it helps in their creativity and imagination. 1. Blocks These are the perfect toy for children of ages 3-5. Blocks are a perfect platform for a child's imagination as they are made of interlocking pieces of plastic or metal and also they are easy to draw with their own fingers. They can also become great in art as well as indoor games. Also they are inexpensive and easy to carry. Blocks come in several shapes and sizes. They are not only valuable for their usefulness but also for their aesthetic. 2. Blocks for the younger kids. What kind of Blocks are best for the younger kids? These are smaller versions of the ones above. These smaller sized Blocks are important for a 3-5-year-old, as they are more interactive with the hands.

Best toys for different age groups

So if your child is a few years old or younger, you can use any toys in the world. For toddlers, any toy that gives him and her the opportunity to move around and make some noises will be the right tool to go for. In the age group of 3-5 years, it is best to choose toys that have built in learning experiences and encourage your child to experiment, which will make his/her future learning a fun and exciting adventure. Also, they need to have skills and knowledge that allow them to learn from different perspectives such as the physical, mental and social. Older kids should be exposed to more complex topics such as science, history, sociology, geography and math.


After getting involved in the field of Paediatrics & Paediatrics for nearly 30 years, I feel that playing is very important for kids. To understand their preferences, we tried to understand what kinds of toys children prefer and what might work best for them. I believe it is important to choose toys that teach them, encourage them to be creative, give them fun, skills and opportunities. In addition to toys, some other factors that are crucial for children's wellbeing are - Implementation - The idea is to set up a routine so that children learn to do things on their own, in a structured way. Strategies - Spacing out with a well-planned system. One important thing to keep in mind while giving gifts for the children is to look at their capabilities.

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