Kangaroo Kids International is the largest education service provider in the Pre - School segment. Kangaroo Kids specialises in early childhood education and Pre - School programs. Launched in 1993, Kangaroo Kids had the goal to change the mental model of schooling & allowing children to be thinkers, innovaters, lifelong learners, and problem solvers

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to ignite human greatress in each child by identifying and nuturing each child unique gift. As an innovator, vibrant and energetic orgnisation, Kangaroo Kids is commited, to foster in them a love of continous learning, to devolop their talent for creative thinking and build respect for hard work.

Our Core Values

Kangaroo Kids Bilaspur, ensures quality education to children. We believer in stimulating the child's imagination by providing a developmentally appropriate Pre - School program. The session are specially designed to encourage the exploratory side in to toddlers and provide multi sensory stimulation through visual, auditory and action - based learning. We belive in the development of a strong sense of self - worth within each child, by developing self - confidence and self - esteem. In the way, we produce confident, creative and eager learners


In keeping with our philosphy, learning at Kangaroo Kids Bilaspur happens through experience & selection on doing. An exciting learning environment is created by implementing creative & innovative teaching methods, utilizing quality teaching material and following the natural time table of each child