2022 - 23

Kangaroo Kids International Preschool in Bilaspur, Vikas Nagar

Sessions: April, Grade: Playschool to Sr.KG


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Best Preschool and Play School in Bilaspur Vikas Nagar For Your Kids

Kangaroo Kids International Preschool is the best and most reputed playschool and preschool in Vikasnagar, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, for your child’s early education.
The aim of our school is to give your child an enjoyable early learning experience in a warm, nurturing and safe environment. All the activities at our preschool and playschool are supported by safety, knowledge and experience.

The teaching staff at our Vikasnagar preschool and playschool is well-trained and qualified. They are dedicated to making sure that your child learns through creative, interactive and fun-filled methods. Careful attention has been taken to make the classrooms in our school safe, hygienic, colourful and learner friendly. The school’s play area has also been designed to make your children exercise their imagination and feel energetic.

The curriculum we follow at our Vikasnagar preschool and playschool offers the best quality education and can be benchmarked against the best internationally available ones.
Our goal is to empower your child with confidence and skills through knowledge and creativity and to build a strong foundation for higher education.

The teacher-to-child ratio at our Vikasnagar playschool and preschool has been kept low so that our teachers can monitor your child’s progress carefully and help them work on their strength and special interests. Your child will be able to enjoy and grow while learning in our well-located Vikasnagar preschool and playschool.

Enquire now to know more about the procedure for admission to Kangaroo Kids’ International Preschool at Vikasnagar, Bilaspur.

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